Spring All Stars

Well, it was 80 degrees here in JC on Saturday, and then (surprise! not!!) temps plunged on Sunday. High (ha ha) 30s, rainy, blustery, and basically whaaaaat? The calendar is saying Spring, but our climate is not. I don’t know about you, but it’s wreaking havoc on my Spring wardrobe plans. I have not even gotten my 1st pedicure of the season! This week!! And hopefully that’s not wishful thinking. But in the meantime, we managed to squeeze in a shoot that features some of my favorite Spring things


Where to start? I think I’ll start from the bottom and work my way up. I LOVE (did I say LOVE?) these Gucci sneakers. They were a crazy splurge, but seriously, I am so stoked every time I wear them. And I mean I wear them with everything, from jeans to dresses. If this is more than your budget can bear, have no worries. I have some super cute dupes for you.

My jeans are Frame. I love the darker inside seam and rough hem. Frame is one of my favorite brands, but their styles are not cheap. My secret? Check out the sales, especially Outnet and Nordstrom Rack.  You can get amazing deals. I was so happy to break out this shirt, stripes and a tie waist making it just so right for Spring. Since I am 5′ 8″ and high-waisted, I bought my usual size in a Tall, and it fit perfectly. That’s kinda my go-to with brands like AnnTaylor that offer this option. If you’re petite, take advantage of that option too.

This raincoat is all that. It was actually a Fall purchase from the J.W. Anderson x Uniqlo collection,  but the weather went so crazy I never got a chance to wear it. Until now. I love the pop of plaid. And if next Fall cooperates, it will look so great with a turtleneck, jeans and boots. My bracelet is actually a necklace that I wrapped around my wrist (with the help of the Hubs). Loving it! Last but not least, my belt bag (or as we used to day…fanny pack). Every fashionista is going bonkers for these bags and the high end options are abounding on the runway, in-store, online. BUT, this is one of those fads (at least in my book) that does not require going bonkers over. This cute option was a Forever 21 steal. So I bought it in 2 color combos. Why not?

How about you? Are you already enjoying Springs days and night? Or are you waiting (and waiting) like I am?

EAT. DRINK. BE HONEST. We shot this post at Porta, one of JC’s most stylish Pizza spots, featuring an awesome rooftop bar. Not to be missed!

Sneakers: (old, Gucci, and you could go craaazy if your budget permits) More affordable options here and here (30% off!).

Jeans: (old, Frame) but love these and these! 

Shirt: (old, Ann Taylor) other fun, stripe-y options here and here

Coat: (JW Anderson x Uniqlo, sold out) but great options here and here

Jewelry: (old, J Crew) but liking this and this

Bag: (sold out, Forever 21) cute options here and here

Photos by Chis & MP Allegaert

I Tried That Krazy Korean Mask Everyone Is Talking About!

OK, hopefully this pic hasn’t completely scared you off! But this Hanacure Mask is the K-Beauty treatment that has basically broken the internet. And for good reason. It’s expensive. It’s exquisitely packaged. It’s easy to do. It feels intensely, amazingly weird. It can give your husband a heart attack (especially if he’s photographing you). It’s really like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. And…I want to do it again!

Almost Spring!

So far, Spring has been cruel up here in the JC/NYC area. Warm one day, then grey and cold and blustery the next. Not to mention snow. It’s making it pretty hard to switch your wardrobe from Fall/Winter to Spring/Summer. I’ve got everything out of storage and in our spare bedroom, but every time I think about unpacking my bright colors, pompoms and sandals, Little Miss Climate Change thinks otherwise. In that spirit, my uber-talented friend Kristin and I seized a sunny, warmish day to shoot this post. The takeaway? While the weather is playing tricks on us, we can still trick out our Spring wardrobe. The best combo? A pretty floral dress, from mini to maxi, leather jacket and boots — from OTK to booties. It’s a fashion equation I plan to put to good use in the changeable weeks ahead.

Statement Maker

It may be Spring, but we just had another snowstorm and kids are playing in the park in snowsuits! Oh April, why so cruel? We want to pack away those turtlenecks and down jackets and get pedicures and wear florals, but you are killing our fashion agenda! So if I can’t beat you, I will join you. In  the best coat, possibly ever. I LOVEV LOVEV LOVE this coat and wish it were mine. See more below! Seriously, it’s a compliment magnet, from  fashion-wise women, which is the most fun.

Get Your Moto Started

So Spring may have officially arrived, but it’s nowhere in sight up here in JC. In spite of that, I’ve decided to take a wishful approach to dressing in the days ahead. When temps rise into the 50s, I’m going to break out whatever lighter layers I can. First on the list, a moto jacket. In white leather, no less. This jacket is such a classic you could collect it in many colors, textures and silhouettes. Note to self, now that shopping hiatus is over look for a new black one. Or perhaps a moto jacket in an unexpected shade or texture? Neutral? Bright? What would you pick?

Please Step on the Flowers

Well, the sun is finally shining here and most of the last Nor’easter’s snow is melted. The temperature has even moved into the 40s! Woot woot!! But there’s still a chill in the air. I was just in NYC this morning for a voiceover recording, and everyone is still bundled up in down jackets, hats and gloves. So…I’m slowly pushing my wardrobe into lighter layers, brighter colors, and just a fresher feel overall. This look started with these fabulous floral sock booties I scored a while ago at Nordstrom Rack (under $40!). Until I get that first pedicure of the season, they are the perfect way to put a spring in my step and some Spring in my look.

Green Grain Bowl

OK, so full disclosure I did NOT invent this delicious salad. But one of my favorite JC restaurants, Hamilton Inn, did. I just became obsessed with it and had to come up with a way to make it my own. That meant substituting more calorie -friendly vinaigrette as opposed to Green Goddess dressing, as well as keeping a close eye on portion control. I promise you this is the perfect serving size for one. But this grain bowl salad is so delicious you may want to multiply the proportions and serve it at your next dinner party or brunch. And if you do, you have to let me know what everyone says! Most importantly, what you think!!

Spring Green-ing!

OK, so for a hot minute it felt like Spring might have sprung. Then March slammed us with our 3rd (!!!) Nor’easter in 10 days. But even so, Spring up here is never rompers and sandals. It’s a slow transition from down to denim, from booties to sandals, from turtlenecks to tees. So we adapt. And wear lighter layers when we can, but double down on the boots when we need to. And after often wearing head-to-toe black, color — like these shades of green — feels fresh and fun. Looking at these pics, I just realized this could be my St. Patrick’s Day outfit! Weather permitting, of course.

Spring in my Step

So here in JC the sun shined for like a hot second. Then a BomboGenesis blew in (again!). Wind, snow, rain, cold. In the Northeast, March is the month that can’t make up its mind. (If you live in a warmer, milder climate I might hate you…) But rewind back to this shoot. I was thrilled at the idea of sneakers and not boots, and OK, maybe a coat. But it could stay unbuttoned. And let’s hear it for white jeans whenever, wherever. (In  case you forgot, this is going to be a Shop My Closet month. And shop I did.)

Denim for Days

Informally known as “The Canadian Tuxedo,” jeans and a jean jacket are always a Go To combo for me. Weekends or week days, it’s easiest to make them work together if  you keep your denim in different washes (light with dark) and different silhouettes (oversized with skinny). I have to admit this jean jacket has been languishing in my closet all winter long, and temps were just warm enough to let it see the light of day. I also had fun playing with pinks and blues in every hue.