Spring All Stars

Well, it was 80 degrees here in JC on Saturday, and then (surprise! not!!) temps plunged on Sunday. High (ha ha) 30s, rainy, blustery, and basically whaaaaat? The calendar is saying Spring, but our climate is not. I don’t know about you, but it’s wreaking havoc on my Spring wardrobe plans. I have not even gotten my 1st pedicure of the season! This week!! And hopefully that’s not wishful thinking. But in the meantime, we managed to squeeze in a shoot that features some of my favorite Spring things


Where to start? I think I’ll start from the bottom and work my way up. I LOVE (did I say LOVE?) these Gucci sneakers. They were a crazy splurge, but seriously, I am so stoked every time I wear them. And I mean I wear them with everything, from jeans to dresses. If this is more than your budget can bear, have no worries. I have some super cute dupes for you.

My jeans are Frame. I love the darker inside seam and rough hem. Frame is one of my favorite brands, but their styles are not cheap. My secret? Check out the sales, especially Outnet and Nordstrom Rack.  You can get amazing deals. I was so happy to break out this shirt, stripes and a tie waist making it just so right for Spring. Since I am 5′ 8″ and high-waisted, I bought my usual size in a Tall, and it fit perfectly. That’s kinda my go-to with brands like AnnTaylor that offer this option. If you’re petite, take advantage of that option too.

This raincoat is all that. It was actually a Fall purchase from the J.W. Anderson x Uniqlo collection,  but the weather went so crazy I never got a chance to wear it. Until now. I love the pop of plaid. And if next Fall cooperates, it will look so great with a turtleneck, jeans and boots. My bracelet is actually a necklace that I wrapped around my wrist (with the help of the Hubs). Loving it! Last but not least, my belt bag (or as we used to day…fanny pack). Every fashionista is going bonkers for these bags and the high end options are abounding on the runway, in-store, online. BUT, this is one of those fads (at least in my book) that does not require going bonkers over. This cute option was a Forever 21 steal. So I bought it in 2 color combos. Why not?

How about you? Are you already enjoying Springs days and night? Or are you waiting (and waiting) like I am?

EAT. DRINK. BE HONEST. We shot this post at Porta, one of JC’s most stylish Pizza spots, featuring an awesome rooftop bar. Not to be missed!

Sneakers: (old, Gucci, and you could go craaazy if your budget permits) More affordable options here and here (30% off!).

Jeans: (old, Frame) but love these and these! 

Shirt: (old, Ann Taylor) other fun, stripe-y options here and here

Coat: (JW Anderson x Uniqlo, sold out) but great options here and here

Jewelry: (old, J Crew) but liking this and this

Bag: (sold out, Forever 21) cute options here and here

Photos by Chis & MP Allegaert

Colorful Camo

IMG_0867“Summer Color” used to mean slathering on baby oil and getting your tan on. Not anymore. These days the only thing I’m slathering on is sunscreen. So I’ve been on the hunt for other ways to color my days (and nights). I actually saw this adorable tee dress on Cathy Williamson’s The Middle Page. She is a super successful, 50-something Dallas Fashion Blogger. And like me, when she wears a “tee” it’s usually paired with jeans. But this dress was too cute to pass up. And too cheap! As in $13!! I promise it looks pretty great in person. As proof, I previewed it on our walking tour around Savannah. Chris could not believe how many people complimented me on it.