Fall 2016: Rainbows & Unicorns







New York Fashion Week has ended with ho hums and scandal. Some issues raised were important, others were silly. But that’s Fashion. And Life. To be discussed.

One of the big trends to come out of Spring 2017 ( I know….we’re not really even into Fall 2016…but that’s Fashion…) was STRIPES. Stripes of all kinds, on tees, in sweaters, in furs. And it really is already happening now.

This red/burgundy/blue “rainbow” striped tee, which is not in my usual comfort zone of black/grey/white, just caught my eye and made me smile. It’s a heavier weight cotton, which makes it eminently wearable once the weather cools down, as well as a good piece to layer over a lightweight shirt or blouse. I paired it with cropped flared jeans (which you can easily DIY from an old pair of flares you already own, post to come), an adorable mini bag (that works as both a clutch and a crossbody, making it versatile for fancier events where you have to juggle a cocktail and shaking hands) and Valentino RockStuds that I’m still justifying but loving.

Top, J. Crew: on sale now! 

Jeans, Rag & Bone: on sale too!  but longer flare leg option here

Mini Bag: (Ted Baker, old) but love this from him now  or this 

Shoes: Old but still the one, the only Valentino RockStuds or how about these 

All photos By Lydia Filosa and MP Allegaert on iPhone 6.



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