Sweater Goals

When we head up to our cabin in the Adirondacks, we’re headed to a more peaceful place, a more peaceful pace. Pretty much the opposite of our city lifestyle. Instead, like everyone who loves it up in the North Country, we’re focused on being outdoors and appreciating the outdoors. The crisp, fresh air, the breathtaking mountains, acres of forest, pristine lakes and streams, night skies filled with stars. No need to dress up, just dress for the weather!

A Very Cali Christmas!

This year between work obligations and limited vacation, our middle son Spencer and youngest son Chanler could not make the trip back East. And for the past few years, our oldest son Pierre has been spending Christmas with his lovely girlfriend (April) and her family in Seal Beach. So if Christmas couldn’t come to us, we were coming for Christmas. I was pretty firm with Chris that I didn’t want, let alone, need a “thing.” So my gift was an extra 6 days in Venice Beach! That’s where I spotted this frisky, only-in-LA  Barbie in a store window. I’ve edited out Ken’s antics!