Almost Spring!

So far, Spring has been cruel up here in the JC/NYC area. Warm one day, then grey and cold and blustery the next. Not to mention snow. It’s making it pretty hard to switch your wardrobe from Fall/Winter to Spring/Summer. I’ve got everything out of storage and in our spare bedroom, but every time I think about unpacking my bright colors, pompoms and sandals, Little Miss Climate Change thinks otherwise. In that spirit, my uber-talented friend Kristin and I seized a sunny, warmish day to shoot this post. The takeaway? While the weather is playing tricks on us, we can still trick out our Spring wardrobe. The best combo? A pretty floral dress, from mini to maxi, leather jacket and boots — from OTK to booties. It’s a fashion equation I plan to put to good use in the changeable weeks ahead.



We shot this post as my “shopping ban” was ending, so nothing that I’m wearing is new but there are some great, of-the-moment options in the links I’m sharing. Basically this look is a combo of feminine and fierce — a floral dress and leather jacket. I’m pretty sure you already have the pieces in your wardrobe to create your own version of this look! I would try to stick to a cohesive color palette. Here, I went with a blue floral paired dress paired with brown distressed leather jacket, brown suede OTK boots and leather bag. Most I will admit high-end purchases but ones that have stood the test of time. And fashion’s whims. I could see an alternative look with a more vibrant floral maxi and black leather jacket, booties (maybe open toe?) and black or rainbow (yay!) cross-body. You get the idea!

So I promise my next fashion post will definitely be 100% Spring-centric, snow or no snow! In the meantime, I am doing a huge closet purge, refraining from impulse purchases and looking forward to a pedicure!

How about you? Is your Spring wardrobe in full bloom? Or are you still hedging your bets? Let me know!

Jacket: (old, Blur) but like this and this and this

Dress: (old, Stella McCartney) really loving this and this and this

Boots: (sold out, Goodnight Macaroon) but how about these or these or these

Bag: (sold out, Tory Burch) but fun spring alternatives here and here

All photos by Kristin Moore-Gantz and MP Allegaert

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