And To All…A Good Night!

So seriously, are we all maintaining our sanity in the run up to Christmas? I surely hope so! I consider myself lucky in that I have 3 full-blown millennials who are not obsessed with wanting some particular “thing.” (Remember Furbies…XGames…Lego…phew.) So now I have fun searching out cool stocking stuffers (skull ice cube trays, beer’d wash, can’t disclose more!), and then we write them a check to help them on their way however they need and choose. We trust that they’ll make good decisions, maybe even put some away in a savings account. So…in the name of last minute Christmas suggestions, here’s a post with some millennial vetted gift suggestions!

First of all, who does not love cute PJs?!? Not to mention fun statement tees? These rainbow joggers, tee and scarf are all Ga sale scores. LOVE LOVE LOVE them! And think they would make an awesome gift for lots of special people on your list — a sister, best friend, niece, you name it. I actually could see wearing these joggers around LA when I head there next week. It’s all in the presentation, right? And for sure this tee! With white jeans and snakeskin mules? You will be seeing that, for sure! And let’s not forget a crazy stripe rainbow scarf, because, well, just because.

Tee: (Gap, sold out) but love this, this and this.

Joggers: (Gap) other super cute rainbow options here, here and here.

Scarf: (Gap)

So now for two out of the box gift ideas:

Mahabis Slippers

Wired called these “slippers for people who don’t do slippers.” Well, as a “people” who does do slippers, all I can say is Mahabis are amazing! Their signature design features a 100% wool lining, collapsible neoprene heel and detachable TOPU sole (in LOTS of colors!) for indoor-outdoor wear. The slipper base comes in light (my choice) or dark grey, and the snap-on-and-off (yes!) sole comes in 6 colors. I went with ivory but am thinking of adding yellow and black. Honestly, these slippers can out ugg Uggs — all year long! They would make such a great gift for someone who travels a lot, not to mention a shoe-fee household aficianado. (These fit TTS.)

Cosmic Cocoa by Moon Juice

For your fearless foodie, how about this arousing, decadent, and nourishing Hot Chocolate. With heirloom Cacoa, creamy Tocos, and stress-reducing adaptogens like Ashwagandha (helps harmonize mind/body/spirit), Shatavari (aphrodisiac that helps support sexual health) & Reishi (helps balance energy and support a healthy immune system), this vegan/gluten-free/non GMO blend is instant alchemy! Of the best kind!!

Coming up next…a new year’s Eve look. Hope you’re hanging in there amidst all this holiday madness. And remembering what this season is really all about — family, friends, thankfulness, generosity, giving, helping those in need, celebrating. Cheers to all of it!

Photos by MP & Chris Allegaert.

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