DIY: PomPoms for President!

IMG_0021I wish! Chris and I are about to take off on a looooooong road trip — JC to Delray Beach, Fla. Bowie is coming along too. Call me nuts but I hope this will be a fun hang out, not an I-can’t-stand–you experience. We’ll see…

Since the beach is calling and pom poms are basically raging all over the fashion scene, I decided to perk up this cool straw bag I bought at  my favorite consignment store in Keene.

So…all you need: hot glue gun, pom poms, bag of your choice. Go for it!


IMG_0007Pom Poms! Found at Target. All sizes, all colors. As cute as candy! At the moment, here’s what they have. I did find mine in-store. And for not a lot of change.

IMG_0019Map out edge pattern. I went for a rainbow line-up that used each color palette. And random tinies for the pocket.

IMG_0029Voila! Decided big and small pom poms were the right proportion. I will be sporting this on our road trip. You tell me if it works!

If you’re not into DIY, love these: saks, shopbop and intermix. I think they are all cool. But my bag cost under $20!!!

All photos by MP Allegaert.


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