Egg-cellent Lo Cal Lunch

IMG_3445As a freelance Creative Director/Writer I work both on and offsite and often find myself at home for lunch. It’s a lot easier on my wallet but also requires some creativity to keep calories in check, tastebuds satisfied. And this 250 calorie meal (yes!) is one of my good-for-you, good-to-eat go-tos. In all, it’s super easy to prepare and includes an open face sandwich, beverage and “dessert.” And yes, it keeps me going all afternoon long.

IMG_3455INGREDIENTS for Egg Salad

2 hard-boiled eggs, one yolk reserved (preferably from happy chickens!) (95 calories)

1/2 tsp Sir Kensington Dijonnaise (if you don’t know it, you don’t know what you’re missing!) (40 calories)

Salt (dash), Pepper (lots for me), Curry Powder (dash, optional of course but for me what gives this salad its special kick, 5 calories)

TIP: Follow this foolproof method for hard-boiling eggs, and they’ll always be perfect and easy to peel. Place eggs in ┬ápot and cover with cold water. Bring to boil and let boil uncovered for 1 minute. Turn off burner, cover pot, and let sit for 13 minutes. When timer goes off, drain, fill pot with cold water and ice. (You need to “shock” eggs to stop cooking process.) Let sit until ice is melted. then refrigerate until you’re ready to use. I usually do this while I’m having coffee in the morning and keep 4-6 eggs on hand in fridge.


Halve eggs and set one yolk aside.

IMG_3428Chop eggs.

IMG_3431Add chopped whites and one yolk to small bowl and gently mash together with fork.

img_3441.jpgAdd Dijonnaise, salt, pepper and curry powder. Blend together well. Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.

IMG_3443Assemble sandwich. Right now, I’m loving Ezekiel 4.9 Sprouted Whole Grain Bread (1 slice, 80 calories). It’s a combination of six grains and legumes (organic wheat, millet, barley, malted barley, lentils, soybeans and spelt). It’s also high fiber, Vegan friendly, and Gluten Free.

Layer bread (you will need to toast as it should be stored in freezer), greens and egg salad. Using a fork and knife is up to you!IMG_3450Finish off with La Croix water (are you obsessed too?) (0 calories) and 1/2 cup of cantaloupe (27 calories) (or other fruit of your choice).

Bon Appetit!

(Let me know if you give this lunch a try. Or if you have a favorite lo cal recipe you’d like to share!)

All photos by MP Allegaert

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