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img_3987img_3990img_3994One of the key daily menu options in the Dr. Oz 28 Day Shrink-Your-Stomach Challenge is the Veggie Flush, which you are allowed to drink as much of as, well, you can stomach. Again, I found it palatable but not pleasurable, so I tinkered with the recipe until I came up with one I actually like. Just for fun I made all the ingredients green, so it really is super green and packed with vitamins and nutrients. Now, I add the ingredients to my weekly shopping list and whip up a bottle’s worth every Sunday, then try to drink at least one glass a day. It’s a good way to keep from snacking on something  less than healthy when you’re fighting off those hunger pangs. Haven’t tried it mixed with vodka…yet. Let me know if you try it and what you think!

Super Green Juice

Ingredients (I do try to keep all fruit & veggies Organic)

2 cups water (I use bottled or filtered)

2 cups Baby Greens (here, it’s kale/chard/spinach but I love all baby spinach, too)

Small to Medium Cucumber; peeled and cut up

2 Celery Stalks; cut up

Green Pear; peeled, cored and cut up

Kiwi: scoop out of the skin

Juice of 1 Lime (but you can use a lemon too)

Add water and greens to blender and pulse 3 times. Next, add cucumber and celery and pulse again. Last, add pear, kiwi and lime juice. Pulse, then blend thoroughly. Cheers!

Note: You should store your juice in an airtight container that you can shake up, as ingredients settle when stored in fridge. Juice should last 4-5 days. I like this pitcher from Crate & Barrel.





0 thoughts on “Gotta Go Green

  1. I have been happily drinking your breakfast smoothie – thank you! I will also try this. I love your labeling. How do you do that?

    1. Love that you love the Sunshine Smoothie, Emily. Hope you’ll feel the same about Super Green Juice. I got my PT Labeler from the Container Store. It’s the best. And highly addicting!

  2. The green juice sounds great. I have a hard time digesting the greens but will definitely try it without them and see. I normally stick to fruit ones and occasionally add carrots with mangoes and OJ and some beets with a variety of berries for a dark red variety. Anything antioxidant is a plus. Thanks.

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