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IMG_0407So this was a BIG weekend, Momwise, lifewise. And this was the post that almost wasn’t.  A lot of intertwined stories. I’ll try to keep it short and to the point. And to the heart.



Easiest, and hardest anecdote, is about shooting this post, the why and how. We were in Baltimore this weekend for our youngest son Chanler’s Senior Day and last home game as a player (on the (storied and top 10 ranked) Johns Hopkins Lacrosse team. Game day was cold, rainy, ugh. Chanler had told me: “Dad should wear a jacket and you should wear a dress.”  I love to dress up but ummm…no. I went for a multi-blue striped shirt (Hop colors!), white skinnies and OTK black boots. Add a trench coat and Blue Jays baseball cap, and I was still frozen. But our guys won it big 19-10.

Saturday was a great day and a bittersweet day. Chanler has endured a really rough road to the pinnacle of Lacrosse. He turned down a starting role and scholarship to another fine school but a fledgling program, because he had been accepted to Johns Hopkins based on his HS academic record. He told us he was going to walk onto the team. And he did! Only one of two players in the last 4 years to do so. The other player transferred out. Chanler stuck it out. And it was a tough road for a young man who was used to being a superstar. He was at the bottom of the rotation with other young men who were nationally ranked and recruited in high school. To be honest, Chris and I questioned his decision many times. While we were proud that he was accepted to such an elite University for his academic record, we worried about what such a grueling, demanding and in many ways unforgiving athletic road would lead to. This year with high hopes, Chanler had to change his perspective. Two concussions, one quite serious, sidelined him in the pre-season. Then weeks (and weeks!) of nagging back pain turned out to be a stress fracture. Trust me, I wanted him to go on Injured Reserve more times than I can tell you. But he wanted to fight through and play out his season. Obviously his playing time was compromised but not his spirit, team love, team leadership. Watching him cheer on his teammates, pump fists, add his handsome, imposing and inspirational 6′ 6″ presence on the sidelines was in so many ways unexpectedly inspirational to this Mama Bear. To quote Crosby Stills and Nash, this was kind of how I felt all weekend: “Don’t you ever ask them why, if they told you, you would cry, so just look at them and sigh and know they love you.”

What does this have to with what I’m wearing you ask? Well, I don’t exactly know. I had to cover our parental role, but then we were going to have some down time. And I’ve been dying to share this t-shirt and this pair of awesome sneakers. I really had no idea what the weekend weather would bring, but I just packed them and hoped for the best. And finally the sun did shine. On Sunday morning we grabbed these pics in the Otterbein neighborhood of Baltimore, which is filled with beautifully restored row houses and cobblestone streets.

For me, this is the perfect “off duty” look, though it could actually be an on-duty one for me too.  I’ve featured these frayed-edge black jeans before. They were a bit of an investment, but one that’s paid off because I’m happy every time I wear them. I simply could not resist the mixed stripes of this long-sleeved tee, and what Mom (woman!) doesn’t wear her heart, well, anywhere and everywhere. And these sneaks? How cute are they! I scored them at Nordstrom rack, and I swear, as we walked around Baltimore today I got stopped and complimented on them. Fun! Because it was a bit chilly, I was happy I packed my white leather jacket. Another piece that is beyond versatile, no matter the season or reason.

Craziest anecdote du jour: I left my phone on top of our car (it was GPSing)  when we went to brunch with friends. We drove off afterwards, and I quickly realized I didn’t have my phone. I had (hopeful) visions of it being turned in to the restaurant, being stolen or smashed (sad face) or I was just nuts (umm, well), so Chris pulled off the highway, called my phone (no answer) and we prepared to U-turn it. A sudden stop (yes, 70 mph up until then!) and the phone miraculously fell perfectly into the windshield well. Thank you, Phone Jesus!

I hope you like this look and it inspires you to come up with your own spin. And I do appreciate you “listening.” Life is funny that way. Would love to hear your story!

Jacket:  (old, Catherine Malandrino), but similar here and here

Jeans: 3 x 1  but more affordable here and here

Striped Tee: (J. Crew, sold out) but fun options here and here (love this line!)

Sneakers: (old, Alice and Olivia) but love these and these (how could you not!)

All photos by Chris & MP Allegaert

Had to share. Hope you enjoy these pics too!

IMG_0340Proud Parents! You did it Chanler!!

IMG_0360Ha ha. Pinot Grigio kicking in but still loved every minute. And  my boy most of all.

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  1. Touching post. Yay Chanler!! Best Mom you. A big hearted momma, always with room for more, others, trouble solving and making times good. Wardrobe in the higher meaning of all this? yours makes us smile, and leave the sad at home.

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