Mother’s Day Musing

When I became pregnant for the first time, the first person (aside from my husband Chris!) I shared the news with was my Mother. Having made it through the teen and college years, we were solidly BFFs. I so looked forward to all the years we would share as Mommy and Nana. But that was not to be. Shortly after my first son Pierre was born, my Mother was given a diagnosis of stage 4 pancreatic cancer. I’ll never know if it was life going and life growing, but I became pregnant with my second son Spencer while Mom was in remission. His birth and her decline were inevitably intertwined.  I was 7 months pregnant with Chanler, my third and last son, when she died. She had suffered so much, for so many months, that we knew she was going to a better place. Still, the huge gaping hole of being Mother-less as a new Mom loomed before me. I mentally and physically struggled to read the 23rd Psalm at her her Memorial Service. And to picture my life, and my children’s lives, without her. I was so used to talking to her every day. Really. But now I had lost my best friend. Not a day, a week, a month, a year goes by without me wishing she could have seen (and supported and hopefully approved of) me as a Mom. And more importantly truly known and enjoyed my three amazing sons. Every year I so wish I could wish her “Happy Mother’s Day” just one more time.
Life has an amazing way to renew hope and joy, doesn’t it? I think this fresh, feminine, green floral dress would be perfect for Mother’s Day Brunch or Dinner, but also for the graduations, weddings and parties you might have on your summer schedule. And the perfect dress to celebrate you!  For my money, it looks uber designer (think Gucci or Miu Miu), but it is beyond budget friendly. I love the fitted bodice, swing skirt, and snap puffed sleeves and neckline. It would also be a great travel option, dressed up or down.

Since I decided to let this floral dress make the statement, I kept my accessories simple yet, well, exceptional in their own right. Must-have (and I mean must!) white pumps (with a very comfortable, walkable block heel), rainbow sparkle earrings, and a basket clutch. If you don’t have a a cute straw/rattan/basket bag yet, you need to! This one is old, but I’ve included quite a few of my faves in the link below. For my money, this is the perfect Mother’s Day gift!

On a personal  note, this empty nester is pinching herself. All three of my smart, talented, beautiful boys (Men!) have graduated from college (Stanford University, University of Southern California, Johns Hopkins University) and have launched themselves into this wild and crazy world. Pierre, my oldest, is finishing up his 2nd year at NYU Law School (after receiving a Master’s Degree from the University of Leipzig); my middle, Spencer, is a super star Sales Director at LA-based start-up NationBuilder; and Chanler, the youngest, is working at Sony Epic Records and coaching youth Lacrosse. Since both Spencer and Chanler now live in Los Angeles and Pierre is studying for exams, there’s not going to be a “celebrate Mom” dinner on Sunday. But that’s OK. The best gift any of my beloved young men could give me is being happy, hard-working, socially conscious and caring human beings. And they’ve already done that in spades. (Don’t worry…they’ll call Mom on Sunday.) So yes…I am a happy, lucky, blessed Mom this Mother’s Day. And I’m ever thankful for that.

So to all the Moms out there, young and old and in-between, I wish you a beautiful, love-filled, fabulous day this Sunday! Enjoy!!

Dress: (H & M, sold out) but love this and this

Shoes: (Loeffler Randall, I waited for a 40% off sale) similar here and here

Bag: (J. Crew, old) but  would love for someone to give me this, this, this, this, this and this…(I could go on…)

Earrings: (H & M, not available online but check in-store) similar herehere and here

Photos by Chris & MP Allegaert

26 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Musing

  1. Beautiful MaryPaula!
    I Soo love your heartfelt blog about Aunt
    Jeannette,…your sweet mom?
    This brings back some amazing, wonderful
    memories of our childhood days, as we played
    at Aunt Polly’s beachfront home!
    You, Lilly and Martha are thought of Soo often
    and missed as well!
    I love you all, cuz!

  2. You have always been an inspiration as a person – a creative and a mother. Your own mothers influence is as strong as all get out – that is for certain. Happiest happy mother’s day Mary-Paula.

    1. Thank you, dear KMG. It’s eerie that I was working on this post when I got your email about your Dad.
      I never met him, but i can feel how he much he has loved you, influenced you, and will live on in you…
      and your boys. Happy Mother’s Day!!! xoxo

  3. Well you made me cry, MP. I miss my mom each and every day too and especially at Mother’s Day! Enjoyed your musing. XO
    Happy Mother’s Day to YOU!!

    1. Awww, Mary Ann. I hope it was a good cry. The gift of having a great Mom is something every daughter should know. Happy Mother’s Day! xoxo

  4. Happy Mother’s Day to Mary -Paula. I too lost my mom is pancreatic cancer. The hole thats left from losing your mom never seems to fill. I always say its a hard loss that hits you to the core. Your are an inspiration and your boys are wonderful young men. Which all stems from how your mom loved and raised you. Big hugs. That’s dress is beyond beautiful and so spring like! Xx Michelle

    1. Oh my gosh, Michelle. What a sad connection but so meaningful to have friends who’ve been through the same journey. Thank you so much for your words of love and support. For following the blog. For being you! xoxo

  5. How beautiful. Your mother would be so proud of you and your sons. Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day! xoxo

  6. I did not know your mother died before getting to know your boys. My mom, a kindergarten teacher, LONGED for grandchildren and she would have made the best grandmother EVER. She died of cancer at age 52, before I even married, Mothers Day has always been hard for me, too. But my biggest regret is that my girls never got to know my sweet, fun, and loving mom. At any rate, MP, this is a poignant and lovely post. Enjoy your Morhers Day! ?

    1. I so feel you, Anna. My Mom just adored Pierre, but was so sick by the time Spencer was born she really couldn’t spend much time with him.
      Losing the years I thought we would share together is truly the biggest regret of my life. And obviously yours, too. But I do cherish the idea that somehow, somewhere she has watched over me all these years as I did my best to raise the best boys I could. Happy Mother’s Day to you!!! xoxo

  7. Can’t match MP’s eloquence. Miss our mom on a daily basis. Will our cousins please contact us! All relatives open door to stay. I work at top of Empire StateBuilding and want any and all family visitors!

    1. Cousin visits would be so fun. Hope they take you up on your offer. We’ll host dinner or brunch or something! xoxo

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