Please Step on the Flowers

Well, the sun is finally shining here and most of the last Nor’easter’s snow is melted. The temperature has even moved into the 40s! Woot woot!! But there’s still a chill in the air. I was just in NYC this morning for a voiceover recording, and everyone is still bundled up in down jackets, hats and gloves. So…I’m slowly pushing my wardrobe into lighter layers, brighter colors, and just a fresher feel overall. This look started with these fabulous floral sock booties I scored a while ago at Nordstrom Rack (under $40!). Until I get that first pedicure of the season, they are the perfect way to put a spring in my step and some Spring in my look.





OK, so I know this post is a little light on pics. It was just too darn cold and too grey to shoot outside, so we took advantage of the fact that the chartreuse seating nook in our building’s yoga room matched my chartreuse velvet jacket. Sure velvet is more of a Fall/Winter fabric, but it was the right amount of cozy for me. And green, Pantone’s Color of 2017, is still going strong. Underneath I dared to go a little barer with a lacy black top. And my ruffle hem jeans are more than ready to get out of the closet and into regular wardrobe rotation once again.

But let’s get back to these boots. How pretty are they! The vibrant floral pattern is elegant and eye-catching. I love how the toe is pointy but not too, the heel high but not too high. These boots really were made for walking. I’ll definitely be rocking them for the next few weeks.

How about you? Have you already transitioned your wardrobe to Spring? If yes, I’m jealous. But I’m going to be optimistic and get started on that big fashion refresh this weekend. Without going all Marie Kondo, it’s going to involve literally emptying my closet out, going through everything piece by piece (keep/consign/give away/donate), then packing up the keepers to go into storage until September. Next, it’s unpacking my warm weather stuff and organizing all of that. It’s a process! But a fantastic thing to do before I get back into shopping mode after my Lenten break. Especially since I have been known to buy 2,3 and even 4 of almost the same thing. Now I want every piece I own to be versatile enough to dress up or down, as well as being something that really brings me joy every time I wear it.

On that note, I’m doing a big blog shoot tomorrow with two very talented friends, one an Art Director/Designer and the other a Producer/Director.  Both are fabulous photogs, to boot. I’m excited. Stay tuned!

All photos by Chris Allegaert.

Jacket (old, J. Crew) but loving this and this (40% 0ff!).

Top (old, J. Crew) but pretty options here and here.

Jeans: (old, 3 x 1) Other fresh denim looks here (on sale!) and here.

Boots (Mia, Nordstrom Rack) And these (though quite a heel for me) and these are great, too.


















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