Power to the Pom Pom!

Spoiler alert: this is not a fashion post! But we are talking Pom Poms. And if you’ve been along for the Life’s a Spritz ride, you know I’ve probably never met a Pom Pom I didn’t like. (As seen here, here, here, and here, here, here, and here.) They are cute, soft, round, and colorful. Did I say like? How about love! Keep reading if you want some ideas on how to make your life, and your look, Pom Pom-eriffic.

I’ve posted quite a few Pom Pom DIYs: select the item you want to decorate, pour out your Pom Poms, get your hot glue gun, go. I happened to spy these super cute and super affordable earrings and clutch on one of my down-the-rabbit-hole adventures on Amazon. You start out looking for Magnesium and hours later you surface! Consignment shops are also great places for finding accessories you can make your own.

Anyway, these two DIYs are part of my August Win it Wednesday Haul, so stay tuned for that.  But what a cute hostess gift they would make for a weekend stay in the Hamptons or Palm Beach or LA!  And they literally took me just minutes to do. A few years ago, I even hosted a party where friends brought something they wanted me to Pom Pom, and we all had a blast. 

So…don’t be afraid. The hot glue gun is your friend. Yes, you have to be careful, as I learned when I hot glued some fur to my hand and had about 5 seconds to rip it off or have to get it surgically removed. I survived. But not recommended. You can get huge bags of Pom Poms of all sizes and colors for under $20 and my picks are linked below. Best of all, you do not have to be an artistic genius to bring colorful fun to your life…and others! 

Sweatshirt: (Zara Kids, sold out) This is one of my favorite fashion tips, especially for Zara and H&M. Shop outside the box! This sweatshirt is a Child XL (for reference I normally wear a Women’s S). I also regularly wander through the Men’s department of each store. You’d be surprised and delighted with what you can find! I crossed the line with this pearl-studded tee, the Santa Jaws sweater in this post and this Pride tee (which 2 women stopped me about while we were shooting). Some cute current options here, here and here

Jeans: (Madewell, old) But love this pair and this one, too.

Belt: (vintage from Jamaica) But how about this or this?

Sandals: (Madewell, old) Similar here and here.

Pom Poms: (I bought these) Also like this starter assortment.

Hot Glue Gun: (old) But very similar and highly rated here.

Photos: MP and Chris Allegaert.

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