Snow Cat

A part of me questioned my fashion maturity when I fell for this ferociously faux feline topper from Kate Spade, but I’m glad I threw caution to the wind and bought it. Because…I simply love wearing it. It makes me smile, not to mention lots of other people. And isn’t that lighthearted side of fashion something we should indulge in every once in awhile? You will be happy to know that because this hat is so lightweight it never leaves me with “hat hair.” Aaah…the practical side of fashion that I love too.

I have spent the first few weeks of January selectively shopping the sales for key pieces that my wardrobe is either missing or needs replacing. Big purchase? This awesome down coat that provides lots of coverage and warmth while maintaining a non Michelin Man silhouette. It is by a Peutery, an Italian brand I didn’t know until I stumbled upon this coat on sale at Bergdorf Goodman (for 50% off!). In this case I need to be completely transparent in that I already own a super nice, super warm down coat, BUT I’ve decided that after 5 years of wear it needs to go live up at our Adirondack cabin where winter temps routinely dip below zero. So…this coat was the perfect find for staying warm and staying stylish in the city. A bit about Peutery: it is a proudly Italian brand named after a peak of Mont Blanc. This is an affordable  luxury brand dedicated to the perfect combination of comfort, practicality and contemporary design. Their clothing is multifunctional and ready to go 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I would say they have achieved their goal…and then some.

Another new find? My Blundstone BL1306 boots. Yes, I stumbled upon these during a late night troll through Zappos. It was a Eureka! moment, at least as far as footwear goes. Again, I was searching for boots that could take me through the city’s winter slush but also be perfectly at home (and practical) in the North Country. Blundstone is an Australian brand that’s apparently designed for walkabouts in the Outback. A few key features: toe spring (huh?) is ergonomically engineered to reduce wearer fatigue, Shock Protection System disperses the shock at heel strike and reduces skeletal stress on (aging!) feet, knees and vertebrae, steel shank offers excellent stability (Help! I’ve fallen…and I can’t get up!!), Thermo urethane gum sole is highly resistant to hydrolysis (the cleavage of chemical bonds by the addition of water…yes I looked it up) and microbial attack and is slip resistant to oil, acid and organic fat (Zombie Apocalypse!). There’s more, but I think you get the idea that these boots are pretty kick ass. And, yes, super comfortable from Day 1. Love, love, love.

As you can see, I kept my sweater and jeans winter white. I really love the combination and plan to wear it a lot. You can only dress in head-to-toe NYC black for so long. I think the sweater’s longer silhouette and bell sleeves are the perfect compliment to these high-waisted white skinnies (by Madewell, of course). You will be seeing a lot of them come Spring/Summer.

Last, but by no means least, this Tory Burch bag. For me, it’s is a wild card purchase that got my fashion heart beating wildly. It goes without saying that in these turbulent days, I felt warm and fuzzy about its message. But I was also wowed by the quality of the design, leather, stitching and finishing. This is simply a statement piece (in more ways than one) that I had to have. And one I will seriously cherish for years to come. Best of all, it too was on on sale!

OK. So big message here? Fashion has a deeper side, too. And that’s a beautiful thing.

Hat: (Kate Spade, sold out) but love this (French Bulldog!) and this (hoot hoot).

Coat: (Peutery, sold out) but check out this one on their website (and more!)

Sweater: (Ann Taylor, sold out) but similar here and here (both on sale, too!)

Jeans: (Madewell! But limited sizes.)

Boots: (Blundstone)

Bag: (Tory Burch, sold out) But love this and this

Photos by Chris & MP Allegaert (The weather took a turn for the worse, so we finished this shoot indoors in our building’s lobby. Thank you, Hamilton House.)

7 thoughts on “Snow Cat

  1. Love the hat MP you look amazing! I am obsessed with my Blundstone boots. They are the perfect combination of cute, cool, and practical needed for Adirondack (and NYC) winters! As you know heels aren’t super useful up here in the winter!

    1. I so agree, Bianca! They are definitely my favorite all-around fashion find. We haven’t seen you @ Players of late. Are you working somewhere else in LP? Or off to bigger and better things?? Either way, Happy 2018!

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