So Long Summer 2016: Artful


As a child of NYC in the 60s and 70s, we were there when when graffiti took over the landscape. I have to confess that in a very renegade moment, I had my own “tag,” which was “sonrisa” — Spanish for smile. I know it’s not legal, but it’s often still pretty inspiring. Fortunately for us, someone who was parked where we wanted to shoot was kind enough to move their car. City manners!


This dress is Helmut Lang and somewhat out of my fashion comfort zone. But I’m so glad I went for it. I wore it earlier this summer for a spectacular private night at the Barnes Museum in Philly and was mistaken for European…because it was so cool. And it is featherweight cool to wear. Perfect for hot, humid urban nights when you want to look every inch effortless. The pop of fuchsia flats is pure fun. The vintage black evening bag was my Mom’s.

Dress: (last year) // similar here 

Sandals: (J Crew, old) // similar here

Bag: (My Mom’s!~ Vintage!!) // similar here  and here

Bracelets: (again, sorry, old but loved) // similar herehere and here.

All photos taken on iPhone 6 by Lydia Filosa and MP Allegaert.






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