Spring in my Step

So here in JC the sun shined for like a hot second. Then a BomboGenesis blew in (again!). Wind, snow, rain, cold. In the Northeast, March is the month that can’t make up its mind. (If you live in a warmer, milder climate I might hate you…) But rewind back to this shoot. I was thrilled at the idea of sneakers and not boots, and OK, maybe a coat. But it could stay unbuttoned. And let’s hear it for white jeans whenever, wherever. (In  case you forgot, this is going to be a Shop My Closet month. And shop I did.)

A lightweight wool coat felt fine around 9am. Flash forward to a few hours later, a few degrees colder. Whyyyyyy? March…I’m trying not to hate you when every other Fashion Blogger out there is running around in a floral romper and wedge sandals. Sigh. My time will come! Until then, I’m really thinking about what I really, truly want and how much I actually need to buy. We’ll see…

What’s new with this post? Based on the always spot-on tips of The Brooklyn Stylist, I’m giving Rent the Runway Unlimited a try as a way to minimize some of my more expensive impulse shopping. In other words, a “dream closet” can be mine (or yours) without the budget-busting bills. What you get for your monthly fee (in this case, $99 your first month, $159 thereafter): 4 pieces on constant rotation, pieces for as long as you want and can swap anytime, the chance to purchase pieces at a members-only discount, over 450 top brands and designers. The coat and crossbody are from my first shipment. While I like how these 2 pieces look in the pics, I’m underwhelmed with the coat’s quality. But the bag is adorable! I’m still on the fence about the other two pieces I selected (sweaters) and may just send them back and start fresh. Because I can! BTW, everything comes in this specially designed garment bag that makes packing and shipping super fast, super easy.

For the rest of my look, I’m in love (heh heh) with this sweater and its heart patches. So cute, right? I know it will have to get packed away in the next month or so, but its cozy feel was just what I needed. My high-waisted white skinnies were a Target score and look extra sharp thanks to their zippers. They are going to be a Spring/Summer staple for sure. These Adidas Gazelles are an old fave, especially in a grey-and-white combo. (I’m considering adding a pair in red once my I lift my shopping ban.)

I’m writing this post looking out on a sunny day, but yet another Nor’easter is supposed to come blasting through starting tonight! Like I said, the style struggle is real. To be continued…

Coat: (Cupcakes & Cashmere @ RTR) similar here and here

Sweater: (Chicwish, also in black or white and on sale!)

Jeans: (Target and SERIOUSLY are less than $15!!!)

Shoes: (Adidas Originals)

Bag: (See by Chloe @ RTR) affordable versions here and here (30% off with CODE WORKIT)

All photos by Chris & MP Allegaert



7 thoughts on “Spring in my Step

  1. YAY! Love that you’re using RTR and your picks from them. Thanks for the shoutout. Can’t wait to see what else you rent in future posts!!

    1. I’m still new to RTR but think it’s going to be great. And good for my bank account! Stay safe and warm in the storm!!

    1. Rules were made to be broken! Especially fashion ones!! Seriously, these white ones from Target fit like a dream and are sooooo affordable!!!

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