Style DIY: Furry Feet

img_9626It’s possible you missed fashion’s insane passion for Gucci’s fur-lined Princetown Slipper. I succumbed to its wild style and ordered it multiple times, only to return it each time. Aside from the steep price tag (Kangaroo fur?!?), it just didn’t flatter my 50-something feet. Then I had an “Aha!” moment and decided to make my own version.

I already owned a pair of (very!) white leather Emerson Fry slides I ordered last summer, never wore, but knew fit like a glove. Next up? Finding my fur accents. After deciding to go all white, I found a rabbit pelt at Big Crow Trading, one of our favorite haunts up in the Adirondacks where hunting/trapping/skinning are still a way of life for many people. The fox fur pompoms were an easy find at M & J Trimmingย in NYC’s garment district. Both, super affordable versus stratospheric. Lastly, I had to muster up my courage to break out my hot glue gun. I can report that my new high style slippers look super chic. I can also report that I got quite a bad burn. So…unless you are Martha Stewart, take your time and be very…very careful.

In the end, this pretty wasn’t painless. But they do suit me perfectly. And while I did use leather slides and real fur, I think these could be super cute in a faux version as well.

Step 1: Assemble your components: slides or slippers, fur for lining, pompoms.img_9513

Step 2: Flip over fur and trace the outline of each shoe.img_9518

Step 3: Put down newspaper or magazine to protect work surface from drips and heat up that glue gun. While you wait, cut out fur shapes.img_9525

Step 4: Start glueing. Through trial and error, I found that sticking the glue gun into the shoe and applying glue to the front half of the insoles first worked best. You have a few seconds to manipulate the fur into place before the glue sets. Once the front half is in place, you can do the heel half.img_9526

Step 5: Fur lining done…now for the pompoms. I eyeballed placement and made a pencil mark for reference. Then just applied a dime-sized dollop of glue, placed the pompoms on their spot and pressed them into place for 30 seconds.ย img_9529

Step 6: Take a walk on the wild side…indoors or out!img_9532

All photos by MP Allegaert on iPhone 6.

8 thoughts on “Style DIY: Furry Feet

  1. Genius! You’re so crafty-fashionable with fur and a hot-glue gun! These are really cute and look very comfy. I might have to search my closet for some experimenting myself!!!

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