Suit Du Jour

It might be hot as heck, but Fall is a coming! I spotted this jacket/pants combo on a stroll through H & M and had to have it. I surprised myself by how much I embraced the idea of wearing a pant suit, but I also saw so many possibilities for each piece on their own. It’s actually a bit of a relief to feel pulled together without much effort, because as much as I love fashion (and I do!), it’s not the epicenter of my life. Nor should it be.
I have to admit that putting this look together brought back memories of when I launched my post-grad self into the job market. When I started working in NYC, you wore skirts, blouses, heels, panty hose. My one nod to rebellion was wearing a bow tie that my Dad taught me how to do. Flash forward to a few years later, and hey, pants were cool to wear. I remember my first DKNY black pantsuit that I totally splurged on and felt so good every time I wore it. That’s the power of fashion! I loved that an accomplished, empowered woman was behind what was on my body. It felt good. I will say that my male co-workers and bosses still preferred their female counterparts in dresses and skirts. And we mostly acquiesced. But change was coming. And I think how now the world is a so much better place.

So back to this look. If you couldn’t tell, I’m kind of on a stripe roll. They just feel fresh and graphic. I know this is a classic red, white, and blue combo, but the varied stripes make it feel fresh and modern. I will definitely be paring this jacket with jeans. And I have a super cute tee and sneaker combo in mind for these pants. Stay tuned! For now, I finished this look with a cute embroidered “J’adore” tee. And my cheeky “oui non” espadrilles were, well, a fait accompli. My bag is vintage, but I’ve shared some links I think you’ll like below.

And I can’t sign off without a mention of Cafe Madelaine, the “délicieuse” addition to the Jersey City restaurant scene. Coffee and pastries for breakfast, and then fantastic quiches, salads and Croque Monsieur for lunch! Yum!!

Jacket: (H&M, sold out) liking this,  this and this , too.

Pants: (H & M) similar here and here.

Tee: (H & M) fun alternatives here, here and here.

Shoes: (old, Soludos)  but how about these or these!

Bag: (vintage, Adirondack Attic) but love thisthis and this.

Photos by Kristin Moore-Gantz.

5 thoughts on “Suit Du Jour

  1. Love the suit AND especially love the art direction on your shoot! Through the window, etc. works so well with this graphic ensemble! Fun.

    1. Thank you, Yvonne! I’m going to have some fall fashion fun with both the jacket and pants. And the bag was a lucky vintage find.

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