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Thirty one days of holiday hoopla kick off tomorrow, and the true meaning behind what we’re celebrating can easily get lost amidst the shopping, working, wrapping, partying, traveling, stressing. But before that happens, or hopefully doesn’t, let’s take a moment to talk about the fashion phenomenon of faux fur. It’s EVERYWHERE. And for good reason. It’s the best of cozy…without the cruelty. I have to say I truly didn’t want to take this coat off once I had it on. Call me weird, but I’d sleep in it if I could. Or at least sneak a nap!
Confession…since I’m doing my best to focus on the many unique and satisfying ways to celebrate the holidays without over-spending, or dealing with the stress that comes with being guilty of doing so, this look is pretty much a shop-my-closet outfit from head-to-toe. It’s a combination of splurge (BAG!), affordable chic (jacket, sweater, boots, belt) and vintage (necklace). But before you say “not again,” I’ve linked some amazing and equally appealing alternatives below. And I also want to encourage you to remember that while it’s sometimes impossible to deny the thrill of the new, you can shop your closet, too.

This easygoing look is built around a palette of warm neutrals and a mix of textures, with a favorite pair of Madewell boyfriend jeans thrown in. When I did my Fall closet cleanse, I cut my denim collection in half and kept just the pairs I always feel good in. And that was a great thing. I highly encourage you to do the same. If they don’t look the way you want, it’s time to part ways. Donate, consign, give to a friend! You’ll be glad you did. And if you don’t know Madewell, you need to. They make some of the best-designed, high-quality jeans out there. All in a wide range of sizes, including petite and tall. From skinny to curvy to maternity, there is a pair (or two) with your name on it.

This jacket is a mix of textures all by itself, making it a statement piece that’s ready to be dressed up or down. You might have seen it (and this bag) on this post from last year. Underneath, I went with a simple cashmere sweater finished with a sweet ruffled neckline. My treasured wood-and-leather Raggedy Ann and Andy necklace was my Mom’s, handcrafted in Nicaragua in the 1920s. (I think about her every time I wear it.) Believe it or not, I splurged on this bag almost 10 years ago. Sure it did significant damage to my credit card, but amortized over all those years, it actually costs me just a few dollars every time I reach for it. And it’s still going strong. A fair trade in my fashion book. Last but not least, these faux snakeskin booties (also seen here for a totally different style vibe). I love their round, not-too-high heel and rounded toe that make them as comfortable as they are chic.

This look is all about soft, complimentary shades and easy-to-wear shapes that are as timeless as they are trendy. All together, it’s an outfit you can make your own on a moment’s notice. Let me know if you do!

Jacket: (old, Zara) but love this dupe (at 40% off!), as well as this (steal!) and this (for him, but so what…size down).

Jeans: (old, Madewell) Similar here (on sale) and here.

Sweater: (old, Banana Republic) Really like this (on sale), this, and this (20% off with code CM20).

Bag: (old, Balenciaga) Lots of pre-owned options on The RealReal and an affordable alternative here.

Boots: (Zara, sold out) Similar here, here and here.

Photos by Kristin Moore-Gantz.

6 thoughts on “Think Warm Thoughts

    1. I’d love that necklace even if it wasn’t my Mom’s, but that does just make it more special. And that jacket is seriously the coziest.

  1. I will never have the fashionably stocked closet that you have, but I learned to shop in my closet in 2008, when my daughter started college. I found it very liberating. I love that fashion is not so rigid these days. Its much more relaxed than in the past. Unless you’re a royal.
    The bag and the necklace are favorites for me in this was the picture where the photographer made you laugh. You look great MP, as always

    1. Thanks, Carol! One of the reasons I started this blog was to share how fun and freeing fashion can be,
      even when you shop your closet.

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