Top 10 Instagram Looks of 2017

Thanks to BomboGenesis 2018, I spent most of yesterday working from home. Not in these cozy jammies but with this super cute pooch to keep me company. OK, and also to distract me with some ear scratching and tummy rubbing (his!). When Nature called (for Bowie!) we both had to bundle up to brave the blowing snow, deep drifts and below freezing temps. I didn’t think it was so bad. Not so sure about Bowie. While I’m currently juggling a couple of projects, I’m also working on getting Life’s a Spritz off to its best year yet. So in planning forward, I did a little looking back. At my most liked Instagram outfit posts. Believe it or  not, this look came in at #1! (Think my Bowie “accessory” helped!!)Sweater (Chicwish, on sale!, in 8 colors, and I might just need another one…or two), Flannel Pajama Pants (Gap, on sale!, LOTS of patterns),  PJ Top (Gap, sold out, but similar here), Moccasins (J. Crew, even more affordable here)

Get all the details on MY SNOWY STYLE here.

For all the details on FA-LA-LA-FLANNEL, click here.

I didn’t shoot this look for the blog. Kinda wish I had, especially with the backdrop of a Yayoi Kusama painting! Reversible Puffer: (Gap, on sale, limited sizes), Sweater: (H & M), Jeans: (Madewell, sold out, but love these and these (on sale too!), Bag: (Gucci), Shoes: (Reebok Chelsea Boot, no longer available in this color) In black here.

We will be able to wear dresses again, right? And bare legs! I’ll be RED, SET, GO come April!

I did wear this to Chris’ firm’s holiday party in December but with tights, jeweled suede sandals, and a fur vest. Always good to shop your closet. Or mine, for Paisley, Please!

In the aftermath of Bomb Cyclone, I do get a WARM AND FUZZY FEELING looking at this pic. All the details here.

This cozy look is one of my personal favorites and has been in frequent rotation. I wore it to a holiday party up in the Dacks, fox beanie included, and it was a big hit. Of course, Bowie as an accessory always helps me get likes! Click here for my GIVE THANKS post.

If you want a quick getaway from winter, just take a SANTA FE STROLL with me.

It feels like forever since I was FALLING FOR FLORALS, but luckily they promise to be a big Spring 2018 trend.  I may not wait until then and just wear this dress with a sweater and OTK boots now.

If you’re a regular follower of the blog, you’ll notice that I post a different feature pic on Instagram. That’s a tip I learned from some more experienced bloggers. I do think it’s interesting that I’ve grown my dedicated Instagram followers much more quickly than those who directly follow the blog (not just through FB posts). I’d love to hear your feedback on what you like (or don’t) about both media.

Also for 2018, while fashion is still a big passion for me, I plan on diving deeper into beauty, health, design and even travel. Chris and I have some fun trips planned that I’d like to share with you. Also before/after pics of our Adirondack cabin transformation. On a lighter note, I’m mulling over an inside look at my closet and how I organize it and my seasonal wardrobes. Would that be of interest? I’d love any and all feedback, including topics you think I’m missing out on.

Most of all, thank you all for supporting me in this journey. Cheers to 2018!

Photos by Chris & MP Allegaert




2 thoughts on “Top 10 Instagram Looks of 2017

  1. Yes – Cheers to 2018! Fun to see the most liked looks from 2017. I like the idea of adding travel and design to fashion, beauty and health. And I am a sucker for “before and after” photos, whether they are hair/makeup or home renovations. As for what I most enjoy, I think it’s when you “shop your closet” and freshen up something from seasons before with something new. And thank you so much for the links for purchasing the wardrobe pieces as well as “or this” options. I’m loving my various Madewell jeans as well as my “fuzzy Birkenstocks” that I learned about from Life’s A Spritz.

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