Wildflowers in the City

Yeesh. Is Summer just about flowers? Well, yes. So let’s go with that. What I love about this look is it’s not prettified to perfection. It’s a real life outfit that is made up of favorite finds that would work well with other pieces from your wardrobe. And for me, it all started with this statement tee.

I’ve set myself a time limit on this post, because they usually take me 4-5 hours to put together — from photo editing to writing to affiliate links. (Just in case you were wondering…) So, I’m just going to try to keep this light and breezy, because that’s what this look is all about. Not a lot of thinking, just a lot of fun.

Sometimes the best fashion moments are those less planned. Sometimes you just gotta go with what feels fresh and right. Like this statement t-shirt, which I found in the Zara Kids section and bought in the largest ( 14-16) size. Then promptly tried to shrink it in my dryer. (Tip: NEVER dry Zara tees (no matter what department) all the way. A few minutes to steam out wrinkles, but after that it’s air dry.)

My skirt is from this fabulous brand RĂ©alisation Par. Their leopard skirt basically broke the internet last year. You can see it here and here. I have literally worn it dozens of times, all year long. I would advise subscribing to their site, because they run a lot of flash sales where you can save 25% or more. This skirt flatters EVERY body type but size up. I am typically a Small and went with Medium.

I just had pure fun with the accessories for this look. Pearly barrettes! See-through bag!! Utility sandals!!! These pieces are on rotation, because they add a surprisingly chic touch to so many other looks.

And, I guess that’s my fashion “lesson” for this post. When it comes to trendy purchases, don’t fall for a one time only look. Think wearability!

Tee: (Zara Kids, sold out) Similar vibe here, here and here.

Skirt: (RĂ©alisation Par…so many cute patterns). More affordable option here.

Barrettes: (Amazon, and so affordable!)

Bag: (Mango, old) But similar here and here.

Sandals: (Zara, sold outonline but you may find them in-store) Similar current option here and love these (espadrille-inspired), too.

Photos by Kristin Moore-Gantz.

5 thoughts on “Wildflowers in the City

  1. Daisies say it all, such iconic flowers always put a smile on your face. Love the sandals and toe polish too, a pop of red always goes a long way!

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