Road Trip Roundup

IMG_0766Well, we drove to Delray Beach Florida. And back. And we’re still married and still speaking. I think you get the idea. When Chris proposed this getaway I was supremely skeptical. But he said he would do most of the driving. And he did! Except for 2 1/2 torturous Virginia hours on the way back. Breaking the drive up definitely helped.

I’d say we had one stupid fight, but our trip down was initially sabotaged by monsoon like weather, although we had an awesome visit with my college roommate Kathy, her husband Bruce and son Keith in Virginia Beach and Williamsburg.

The bad weather finally lifted when we arrived in Bluffton, SC. Super cute town. Sorry we only got to spend one night there. We loved our restaurant find, Farm.  You will too!


Delray Beach: Our Airbnb was adorable. Centrally located, cutely decorated. As long as you aren’t tall. Let’s just say the shower was not designed for us. That being said, Delray kind of combines the monied impulses of Palm Beach with the low key, fun beach vibes of a beachier community. It’s old school Florida for us. And since we were on vacay, we were chill about waiting on a table or eating at the bar.

OK, Chris was in heaven! And you tennis players will be too!

Our favorites Delray restaurants: J & J Seafood Bar & Grill,  Scuola Pizzeria and Deck 84.

Savannah is old. And cool. And hot. And full of ghosts. We did not realize Gregg Allman lived there. And that we were there the week before he died. I can only say we felt many sprits in that city. And Let’s not forget SCAD! Which has given this whole city, not to mention state, an alternative vibe like never before. Viva la difference!

Thunderbird Inn (like I said before…RC Colas and Moon Pies!)

Our favorite…The Grey! It’s the 1938 Art Deco Greyhound Bus Station restored and reinvisioned as a super cool restaurant. Great food, great scene, superb service. We started in the bar room with drinks and Georgia Oysters (never had them before, delish!), then sat counter style for dinner. We even met the chef’s parents. LOVED!

All photos by Chris & MP Allegaert.


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