Pastel Patrol

Forget the “fashion rule” that says pastels are only for Summer. There’s no easier or better way to lighten your Fall/Winter wardrobe — or your mood — than by adding a dash of these delicate hues. My suggestion? Every now and then switch up the deeper hues that most of us will reach for in the months ahead with a pale blue, pink or lavender. These pretty colors add a nice contrast when paired with always reliable black, too.

Starting from the Top

Looking at these images as I wrote this post, I realized one of the biggest “pastel” statements is my silver hair! When we went on lockdown in NY/NJ last March, my hair salon closed — along with everyone else’s. It wouldn’t open again until June. During those months I watched my grey/white/whatever hair grow in and the meticulous “natural-looking” blonde I had maintained for decades grow out. Somehow I stumbled upon Overtone, the award-winning, vegan and cruelty-free, all natural (free of sulfates, parabens and ammonia) pigmented, semi-permanent Color Conditioner that gently, safely colors your hair a rainbow of shades. For me, it was Pastel Silver. If you are simply done with coloring your hair, but still have months of grow out ahead, I highly recommend Overtone. Or, if you want a stop gap for brown, red or blonde. Your hair will look and feel fabulous, too.

A Soft, Cozy Look

First, the elephant in the room. Or should I say the pandemic in the world. You are probably wondering just where the heck I think I’m going in this outfit. A girl can dream…Seriously though, it was so much fun to actually wear something other than workout gear or jeans — even if my photog Kristin and I were just running around Jersey City for the day. And we do have the holidays ahead — even if they will be smaller and homier. I really believe that wearing something special can help us all feel a little special. And that’s no small thing these days.

Now, for this outfit, which is really just three separates and two statement accessories. 

A favorite designer piece I snagged on sale way back in summer, this silky, swingy bias skirt is a shop-my-closet selection. The designer is Anine Bing, an LA-based  favorite of fashion bloggers and Instagrammers. I wore one of her popular graphic t-shirts in this post. (Tip: I reco shopping for pricier, in-demand pieces like this when they’re on sale.)

To quote Anine, “I want to create clothes that are easy to wear. The pieces should work just as good for everyday use as for a night out. To me the quality together with the fit are the two most important factors in a good piece of clothing, so naturally that’s what I focus on in the design”

“I am a mom, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to dress well. My aim is that regardless if you are a mom, a model, a lawyer or a teacher you should be able to find cool and suitable pieces from my label.”

My kind of designer!

This super comfy, super chic sweater in a soft, fine knit is a very affordable piece that anyone will enjoy adding to their 2020/2021 wardrobe. I think the square front and back neckline and puff sleeves gives it a really fresh look.

My boots? Another shop-my-closet pick. But the real story is the story behind the boots. Female-founded in Brooklyn, Loeffler Randall is all about distinctive products in small, considered batches with attention to every detail. I promise I have never been disappointed. And LR has fantastic flash sales, too.

I was going to wear this sparkly belt as it’s meant to be worn, but when the world is upside down why not try something else?

One Small Ask

Please wear a mask! This pretty lace-detailed one made it easy. And fashionable. I’m not going to argue the “politics” of wearing a mask, but here are some facts:

The U.S. has recorded more than a million cases in the first 10 days of November.

Total cases in the U.S. have now reached over 10.3 million and 241, 910 people have died, the highest totals in the world. 

My hero, Dr. Fauci , says we can slow the spread by doubling down on precautions like wearing masks. So easy. And now so fashionable. Some of my favorites linked below. 

Be safe, be hopeful!

Skirt: (old, Anine Bing) This style currently available. Also like this, this and this.

Sweater: (H&M)

Boots: (old, Loeffler Randall) Similar here and here

Belt: (old) Sparkly alternatives here, here and here.

Mask: (Baublebar, LOTS of other 2 packs to choose from.) Other chic options here, here and here.

Photos by Kristin Moore-Gantz @artdirectthis.

I use affiliate links and may receive a small commission for some purchases you make. Thank you!


4 thoughts on “Pastel Patrol

  1. Great look! Fuji bought The Who what where dress from Target! I love it! Thanksgiving dress I think. Thank you, MP!

  2. As a diehard, head-to-toe, black, fashionista I find myself reaching for softer colors these days , especially around the face. After all, now that it’s gone, who knew how important a simple smile contributes towards expressing one’s personality?

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