Red, Set, Go!

As far as Fashion’s runways and the Blogosphere are concerned, it’s red alert. I personally have a love/hate relationship with red. It’s a totally fun, high energy color, but I’m not sure it’s in my fashion comfort zone. That’s why this shirtdress was the perfect find. I bought it this Summer, when red was already on the radar. Loved the stripes. And good news! Shirt dresses walked lots of the Spring shows, so I’ll be good to go come April. In the meantime, I”m going to wear this dress a lot, even with a cardigan or jean jacket come cooler temps. I can even change out the belt…or maybe go with a Hermes scarf? We’ll see…

Sometimes I forget just how great a great dress can be. I’m also a pretty tall gal at 5′ 9″, so I usually fall instantly in love with dresses that give me some length. Yay! Put it on, add shoes and bag, and you’re good to go. And I have to say, I’m digging the positive energy of red. As in, I’m ready to go!

Accessories were easy. I’ve been waiting to put this adorable ring-handled bag to work, and it more than did its job. It has a crossbody chain handle, too. And yes, it’s time to break out the Gucci Marmonts once again. These were an “investment” purchase, so I am going to rock them all Fall long. Sure, they were super hot last year but I’m so happy to see — and wear — them once again. As fashion-forward as they might be, they are also super comfortable with a not-too-high, chunky heel. I’ll be wearing, and loving, them for years.

How do you feel about red? And how will you be wearing it this Fall? I’d love to know!

Dress:  (Zara) and love this and this

Shoes: (Gucci) Super affordable Target version here or metallic-on-metallic here

Bag: (WhoWhatWear x Target) love this and this too (wowza!)

Photos by Chris and MP Allegaert

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