All the Fall Cozies: Look #3

Is there anything cozier than a quilt? Well, a quilt-patterned jacket comes pretty close. I love how the mixed prints and colors create a striking patchwork design. Maybe it’s my 1960s Greenwich Village childhood, but I’ve always been partial to modern pieces with a retro vibe. This puffer jacket delivers all the feels..and then some.

I’m going to take a chance and write less about this outfit and little bit more about the setting. These pics were taken outside our Adirondack cabin. As you might guess, the views are what took our breath away and really sold us on this place. And to be honest, the natural beauty of our mountaintop retreat — especially when it’s ablaze with all the colors of Fall — never gets old. Of course, the leaves will fall and winter will cover us in snow and ice. But there’s a whole other beauty in that, too.

That view is from our back porch. It’s such an amazing experience to watch the seasons change from one into the other across the High Peaks. The mountains, the foliage, the sky, the critters (large and small), continuously instill in us a sense of awe and appreciation everything nature has to offer us. 

And yup, that’s one of my famous (or infamous) deer bowls. This one featured a bed of greens with peanuts, dried cranberries, baby carrots and popcorn. For me, there’s something magical and mystical about the deer who visit our property. Last winter, they would literally surround the house until I came out with food. This year’s crew is a bit more skittish. Sadly, hunting season has started, so I hope we can offer them a safe haven until Spring.

Before I sign off, let’s give one last nod to this quilt jacket. Something tells me that once it gets too cold to wear it outside, I’ll be cozying up to a roaring fire in it. Maybe wrapped up in a real quilt, too! 

Jacket: (old, Wild Fable x Target) Check out tempting and affordable alternatives here (waterproof down and 30% off with code WINDY!), here (under $35) and here.

Jeans: (old) Fantastic flare alternatives here, here and here (raw edge included!).

Shearling Sandals: (Birkenstock) Have my eye on these as well!

Photos by MP & Chris Allegaert.

4 thoughts on “All the Fall Cozies: Look #3

  1. The quilted jacket is spot-on with the gorgeous patterned background. Hard to pull off so I must defer to an old genius friend of ours: “A blade of grass is the journey-work of the stars.” Yes, Walt Whitman would certainly agree that you have a little slice of heaven just right out your back door!

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