Paradise City

If you’re of a certain age and you grew up in a city like I did (NYC in my case), then you know that if you had roof access, you had “tar beach” access. “Tar” comes from the tar paper most roofs were finished with, as hot as it sounds. And really nothing like a “beach,” except for the sun. And hopefully a passing breeze every now and then. But it was also a little slice of urban paradise when you didn’t have a local pool or beach. So these pics, inspired by this colorful sundress, are a nod to those times gone by. But not forgotten!

A Sunshine State of Mind

There’s no better time than summer to spice up your personal style — with brighter colors, bolder patterns, and whimsical details. While you can always slip into your favorite denim shorts and tee when running weekend errands, adding a few statement pieces to your warm-weather wardrobe can help create that fashion magic you might have been missing.

Orange Slice

Orange is bold, energetic, and sometimes controversial. It’s an attention-grabbing color that tends to stand out. In Southeast Asia Buddhist monks wear orange to symbolize simplicity and spiritualism. Wearing orange makes me feel happy and uplifted. Paired with pink, its edge is definitely softened. I love it, especially in summer.

Cat of the Day

This look came together so easily, because it’s is all about some of my fashion faves — leopard print, great design, and layered neutrals. It starts with a summery sundress and finishes with accessories I will wear again…and again. And each piece, whether new or old, is from a brand I trust and love. And I think you will, too!

Rocking Into Spring Like…

Despite temps that are still fairly cool, I’m determined to get my seasonal wardrobe switchover completed this weekend. I do this twice a year, and it’s a great way to assess what I loved wearing and what I did not. I also create keep, re-sell, and donate piles. And while these days I’m really focusing on downsizing my closet, I can also clearly make note of any new must-haves I’m missing.

Dressing Ironically

Is the weather where you are as wacky as the weather here? These days, I can head out in jeans and a tee and end up in a cozy jacket like this one — with a little wind or rain thrown in for good measure. So a beanie paired with no socks is not as crazy as it might seem. Happy to report that starting today I’m leaning into the idea that it’s actually warm outside, so much so, that I got a sandal-ready pedicure!

Dressing Up For Spring

Finally the forecast is looking brighter and warmer. Even so, I haven’t yet undertaken my closet switch from fall/winter to spring/summer. In the meantime, I’ve still got a fave pair of booties to slip on. They’re oldies but goodies, and a perfect footwear choice to pair with this cute new (very affordable!) dress.

Springing Forward!

No, you are not seeing double. With the hope that warmer days are ahead, I decided to style this cozy sherpa barn jacket from my last post with some of my favorite spring essentials. Like I said in my earlier post, it’s a great layering piece — lightweight yet fully capable of keeping you toasty when necessary. I even think it’s camouflaging how darn cold I really was!

Keeping It Cozy

It’s been a while since I posted, but it feels good to be back. And though Spring may have sprung, the weather is not completely cooperating. In the span of one week, we had a Nor’easter that dumped more than a foot of snow up at our cabin, and chilly wind and rain everywhere else. So as much as I’m more than ready to break out some warm-weather looks, it’s still too soon to pack away all my cozy layers — like the ones that are anchoring this look.