Vested Interest

Now that colder temps have arrived, a stroll around almost any city or country hub reveals today’s most ubiquitous fashion item. The puffer vest. It’s everywhere, on men and women alike. The most updated styles are oversized, almost dramatically so. Layered over a chunky sweater or hoodie. Dressed up or down. I say…in-vest!

Of course, we’ve long associated the puffer vest with outdoor activities like hiking, or with preppy, country club styles. But there’s no better time than now to adopt this cozy closet staple as a stylish fall-into-winter must-have! While I think everyone should be free to play around with how they wear their vest, balancing your overall look helps keep it chic, not sloppy. If you’re in the market, or mood, for a vest sticking with a neutral hue is your best bet. This time, instead of going with black, I went for olive. And I’m so glad I did.

Once I made my choice, pulling this look together just fell into place. And it all started with a head-to-toe camo theme. Typically the only thing I hunt is a fashion bargain, and I do love a camo pattern. Originally inspired by all things military, camo rose to popularity in the 1970s and has stayed on the fashion scene since then. Madonna even wore a Jeremy Scott camo gown to the Met Gala! Sadly after January 6th, 2021 there are some pretty awful connotations around people wearing camo, but I think we should reclaim it in all the best, most positive ways possible. So when it comes to this vest, let’s celebrate all the really useful pockets (no need for a bag) and snuggly hood (think snow and rain), too.

Sweater, cap and bag? Camo. Sneakers…definitely the same palette. Add some high-waisted, super comfy frayed hem jeans, a favorite tan leather belt and the cutest personalized necklaces, and you’re good to go. Just about anywhere!

Vest: (Amazon, Orolay) Love this ultra-light option and this repurposed sustainable option, too.

Sweater: (The Cashmere Project, sold out) Similar here and here (under $20).

Jeans: (Paige, sold out) Check out these (on sale)and these (love the darker wash).

Belt: (Telfar)

Cap: (BooneArtLife)

Necklace: Similar here and here.

Bag: (LL Bean, the absolute timeless best!)

Sneakers: (Golden Goose, old) Love these and these, both much more affordable.

I use affiliate links and may receive a small commission for some purchases you make. Thank you!

Photography by Kristin Moore-Gantz @artdirectthis

4 thoughts on “Vested Interest

  1. Cute look! Several years back, you featured an Amazon Orolay parka. I bought two! And actually, I’m currently in Lithuania with a gun-metal shimmery gray one that’s gotten compliments and has kept me warm. I love an outer layer vest and have several puffy slimmer profile ones, but now I’ll get one of these oversized ones because they’re so versatile and the pockets are the best. Amazing how you pulled all the camo together. I’m not fashion forward enough to consider these combines but you’ve shown it can be done!

    1. Orolay is always a winner! And an affordable one!! So glad to hear you’re still getting mileage out of the gunmetal puffer. With the built-in fingerlits, right? Have a wonderful Christmas in Lithuania. Love seeing your next gen fam and you and Bruce all together. xoxo

  2. I love a good camo motif! It’s low-key and and lasting. Meaning, it’s become a staple- like leopard- that’s not going anywhere. Def a wardrobe must 👍🏻

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