Covid Catwalk

Do you know why they call it “The Catwalk?” The term is derived from the way models walk, which is similar to a cat. Meow, if you say so. It’s also the platform these show-stopping women (and men) walk on. In my case, I’m no professional, and my elevated platform was a cement walkway in one of the grittier corners of my neighborhood. But when a cat’s gotta walk, a cat’s gotta walk!

One of my favorite things about Jersey City is the abundance of amazing street art/murals/graffiti. I guess the description depends on your POV. I love it all! What’s really cool is that our city actually funds these projects throughout our neighborhoods.

When my photog Kristin and I pulled up to park, there were two musicians just packing up all their equipment from an impromtu outdoor jam session. Then, a guerilla film crew pulled up to shoot a music video. Who knew an underpass would be so popular! But it was super fun to share in all the creative energy. We finished up before the music video shoot did, and we all waved a friendly goodbye.

Now back to my “catwalk” look. As I’ve been doing for the past year plus, mostly shopped from my closet with a few key new essentials to spice things up.

It’s not a new wardrobe sensation. In fact, this coat took NYC’s Upper East Side by storm all the way back in 2018. But with over 15,000 reviews with an average of 4.4 stars, there’s a reason the super warm, surprisingly stylish Amazon coat is still going strong. It’s wind-proof, water resistant and washable. And it’s just a great jacket at a great price that looks a lot more expensive than it is. In fact, it’s so essential to my winter wardrobe that I bought this second version (1st was navy) in cool metallic olive with built-in hand warmers. I like to think of all the fans of the Amazon coat as a tribe. If you haven’t already joined us, maybe you should?

For the rest of my look, I kept it casual and comfy with a leopard design sweatshirt and skinny black jeans. This sweatshirt is one of love fashion & friends designs, another JC blogger, and I love to support my fellow bloggers. Plus this sweatshirt is so darn cute! My skinny black jeans are a wardrobe basic everyone can use. They work equally with sneakers or booties and a bit of bare ankle or tucked into OTK boots.

Of course, accessories “make the look,” and this time was no exception. You’ve seen this statement leopard hat here and here, and I still love it to this day. Kate Spade…please drop it again! My mini bag is from Telfar, probably the hottest urban (Bushwick, BK) NYC…in the world. No kidding. The bags sell out in minutes, and this was my Christmas present from my oldest son Pierre and his girlfriend April. So cute, so cool. Mama says thank you! The Adidas Superstar Sneaker deserves a place in everyone’s shoe collection. For real. They’ve got street and fashion cred. What more could you ask for? Plus, they’re super comfy and make a great travel shoe that you can dress up (with a maxi dress) or down (like here).You’ve seen this cute mask in this post, and guess what? It’s still cute. Not to mention a 2021 necessity. So, wear your mask every day!

Coat: Orolay x Amazon, longer version here and new fleece version here. Adorable kids version here, too!

Sweatshirt: LovefashionFriends

Jeans: (Madewell, sold out) Similar here, here and here.

Hat: (Kate Spade, old) Cute alternatives here, here and here.

Bag: (Telfar, sold out) Get on the waiting list!

Sneakers: Adidas Superstars (the one, the only)

Mask: Baublebar

Photos by Kristin Moore-Gantz @artdirectthis. Mural/Graffiti by OFACE@buttafinga_Oopsy.

I use affiliate links and may receive a small commission for some purchases you make. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Covid Catwalk

    1. JC has some of the best street art I’ve ever seen, so it’s always fun to discover a “new” backdrop.
      And The Amazon Coat lives on!

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