First there was Normcore, then Cottagecore, and now my vote is for Cozycore. A few years back, the unisex fashion trend of Normcore made its “dressing neutrally” attitude known through wardrobe staples like jeans, sneakers, hoodies and other casualwear items. I’m sure you, like me, already have plenty of these pieces in your closet. And are possibly overdosing on them these days. Next, the aspirational nostalgia of Cottagecore, with its feminine simplicity and crafty chic, provided an artisanal escape from the fashion hustle. 

Today, as we continue our COVID-induced cocooning, for me all things cozy take on new meaning. And if Cozycore can make my everyday look (and yours!) a little bit more special, that’s a win. 

Yes, just a few weeks ago this was me — all set in a cozy sweater and favorite jeans and boots — with nowhere to go. Ever feel the same? With Winter Storm Gail having dumped snow all over the Northeast, this outfit definitely needs a down parka and beanie to give it some more mileage and that can be arranged. Or maybe I’ll just swap some slippers in for the boots and curl up with a good book…

All the pieces that make up this look are everyday basics elevated with little details that make all the difference. A pretty eyelet collar turns up the charm on this neutral pullover, while a cheeky heart gives the classic straight leg jean a little more love.

I kept my accessories simple but not without style. A scrunchy bow shows off its leopard spots, a resin buckle adds visual texture to the belt, and butter-soft booties strike a retro vibe with their flared block heel and ring close zipper.

And this Louis Vuitton Pochette? It’s from the 2000 Stephen Sprouse Collection and is one of my all-time favorite splurges, as well as proof that a 20-year-old accessory looks just as fresh today.

This is probably going to be my last blog post of 2020, so I really (really) want to thank you for following along on this creative journey. I truly hope you and yours have managed to stay safe, stay strong and stay sane all these long, dark months. And while the pandemic forced all of us to rethink “normal,” didn’t it also open our eyes to the intangible things that shape our lives on the deepest levels — family, friendship, connection, creativity, love, hope, resilience, humor, and even a spritz of style. What else would you add? I’m not sure what 2021 will bring, but I look forward to discovering what the future will bring all of us. Together.

Wishing you the Merriest and Happiest of Holidays…under these extraordinary circumstances! xoxomp

Sweater: (Zara, sold out online but still available in-store.) Having a hard time resisting this, this, this and this version! with a detachable collar to transform any sweater you already own!!

Jeans: (Mother, similar here and here.) 

Boots: (Wonders, available in 4 colors and all on sale! Love, love, love these boots!! They really do look and feel like buttah!!!)

Belt: (Coach, similar sale steal here.) Even more affordable options here and here.

Scrunchie: (old but almost exact version here.) Loving this 3-pack, this festive plaid and this in deep emerald green.

Bag: (Still available on The RealReal and I most definitely did not pay this for mine back in 2002!) Much more affordable designer options here, here, here and here. Treat yourself!!

Photos by Kristin Moore-Gantz @artdirectthis.

I use affiliate links and may receive a small commission for some purchases you make. Thank you!

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    1. You’ll love them, Suzy! I’m even considering a second pair. Wishing you and yours a Merry merry and a Happy Happy!!

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