Looking Back, Looking Ahead

How was your first week of 2023? Mine was both a mental and physical transition from last year into this new one. In the quiet moments, I reflected on what did and did not happen in 2022, but also what I made happen and did not make happen. Food for thought and fuel to do more, see more, be more in the 365 days ahead.  

This year I’m not getting into a rut with resolutions I may not be able to keep over the next twelve months, rather I’m setting intentions without time limits. Maybe it’s the influence of our amazing yoga teacher Megan. Last year, Chris and I committed to 1-2 classes a week and, boy, have we seen and felt a difference. Every class starts with setting an intention for the day, and I have gradually fallen in love with this gentle and positive way to shift my focus and energy. You guessed it…one of my first 2023 intentions was to commit to continuing to make weekly yoga a big part of my life.

Other intentions?

Less scrolling, more reading. Check out my fave 2022 books in the list below.

More home cooking, less takeout. And I will be sharing my culinary successes with you in future posts.

Less wine, more mocktails. Easier said than done!

Eating greener, cleaner and lighter, minimizing red meat and sugar consumption.

Make more mindful and sustainable purchases, do less mindless spending. That means repurposing and reimagining what I already have, a little DIY when inspiration strikes, buying/selling secondhand and consignment, and supporting small shops.

Stop putting off the ear surgery I need to protect my hearing longterm. Somewhat scary but necessary.

Staying consistent but varied in my fitness routine — in addition to yoga, I’m focusing on weight training twice a week, cardio (treadmill and rowing machine), regular walks of 10,000+ steps, upping my Plank minutes, monthly tennis with friends, and trying anything else that will enhance my overall wellbeing. I miss dance, which is something I seriously pursued from ages 5 to 30, so we’ll see if I can find some classes that suit.

After curtailing any travel during the pandemic other than somewhere we could safely get in our car, I’m ready to be more adventurous. First up? A family getaway to Negril — one of our favorite places in the world. Can’t wait to see our friends down there. And celebrate my 65th Birthday. In April, we’re set for our annual road trip to Florida — with stops in Virginia, Charleston and Savannah. And in June, we’ll be spending 10 days in Paris and Brittany. So far, it looks like the next six months will be pretty busy. I’ve got some other destinations in mind, but they’re still in the planning phase. Stay tuned.

OK, like I said earlier, I’m going to be optimistic but realistic in my goals. So that’s enough for now. How about you? I’d love to hear about your 2023 focus.

Best Books of 2022 (or some of them!)

My Year of Rest and Relaxation by Ottessa Moshfegh

Lucy By The Sea by Elizabeth Strout (love EVERYTHING by her)

Happy-Go-Lucky by David Sedaris

Young Mungo by Douglas Stuart

Bully Market by Jamie Fiore Higgins

The Years/A Girl’s Story by Annie Ernaux

Harlem Shuffle by Colson Whitehead

They Thought We Were Crazy by Mark Rozzo

By all means shop your local bookstore for these titles first!

This Look:

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Necklace: (old, J Crew) These earrings are giving me the same sparkle.

Skirt: Iris and Ink (also in Chocolate)

Hat: (old, Adrienne Landau) Love the sparkle here!

Boots: (old, Vince) Fun new style here.

Gloves: (old, J Crew) Not striped but a steal.

Bag: (vintage Fendi from 1992) Love this pre-loved version.

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Photography by Kristin Moore-Gantz @artdirectthis. Street art by @Nespoon.

2 thoughts on “Looking Back, Looking Ahead

  1. Like you, I try not to have “intentions”.
    But here are my continuing goals:
    #1 Continuing to eat less sugar
    #2 Working on being not such a clutter-bug
    My wish is to have a streamlined,
    clean atmosphere
    #3 Everyone’s favorite and the hardest,
    to exercise more

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