Rainbow Run

Did it feel weird when you first returned to a more “normal” workout routine post COVID? It did for me. With the gym in our building closed for months during the pandemic, I definitely had to get creative about staying in shape — both mentally and physically. Going up and down the fire staircase (7 flights x 10 times) definitely proved aerobic, especially on bitter cold days. I also enjoyed bundling up for a long, waterfront walking loop around JC. With no free weights in our apartment or even available to order (did you try???), I took advantage of using the ones in our garage upstate whenever I could. We also have an Ergometer (rowing machine), and 25-40 minutes on that was a whole body challenge. As much as I wanted to try to consistently maintain my best weight, best fitness, best energy levels, working out also kept my brain clearer, my mood less dark too.

So now our gym is open — with social distancing, masks for those who are unvaccinated, reservations required. I’m happy to have the access, but it did take me a while to feel comfortable being around other people I don’t know. So far, so good. I’m still doing my long JC walks, because I like getting a different visual perspective on my city. Pre-pandemic I had promised myself to try Pilates and Barre. Sadly, our Barre studio closed, but Pilates is on my “to try” list. And our “garage gym” is always open whenever we’re up at the cabin, not to mention some beautiful countryside walks and hikes.

One thing that has always helped me with motivation is treating myself to workout pieces that make me feel good while staying active. While you can’t go wrong with basic black and its slimming effect, I also love to dip into more colorful options. And if that involves the colors of the rainbow, even better. This post features a few of my favorites, from classic brands like Nike to a new brand like Mono B. Some of my other favorite athletic brands for fit, style and price are Bandier, Sweaty Betty, and these bargains on Amazon. I’ve linked lots of rainbow-themed options for you below. Hope you’ll find some to love. 

And let me know how you stayed in shape through the pandemic, and how you’re doing it now in our new world. We’ve got this!

Top: Suite Tee One Love Tank (What’s not to love? Comes in pink and red as well.) And when you support Tee, you support a black-owned, woman-owned local JC business. Also love this, this and this.

Leggings: Mono B (Lots of other colorful patterns to choose from. And there are always discounts and free shipping offers available.) These and these are super fun, too.

Running Shoes: Nike Air Zoom Wildhorse (sold out except for collectors sites like this one). I just ordered these from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (great price!). And these slip-on Nikes look tempting, too.

Photos by Kristin Moore-Gantz @artdirectthis. Mural by Cecilia Lueza.

On a more serious note, we shot this post in June, which is Pride Month. This mural and this look felt perfect. I’m bummed I’m late in posting, but as the mother of an amazing gay son I try to love, support and honor the LGBTQIA rainbow every day, every month, every year.

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2 thoughts on “Rainbow Run

  1. You are looking WOWZA, MP!
    Love the outfit and mural, too!
    I had to work through the Covid curse.
    My gym permanently closed so, without a vehicle, exercising was a challenge.
    Hand weights and floor exercises were done at home but no-cardio ‘opportunities’ cramped calorie control.
    Not good for a 72 year old with a slow metabolism … sigh!
    I resorted to what I called “climbing the mountain” at lunchtimes … hiking down and up my office stairwell (15 floors).
    My gym still remains closed so I’m still ‘climbing the mountain’ at work.
    Can’t wait to return to the gym for a full an easy-breezy routine!
    Thanks for your inspiration, GalPal!!!

    1. Thank you for such a great comment, Stair Sister! No matter, we gotta keep moving!! Love you!!!

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