Amidst a world that seems pretty off-kilter, it is life-affirming and centering to spend time with those we love, in a place we love. We were lucky to be up at our Adirondack cabin for Thanksgiving 2016. Or at least most of us. Our middle son Spencer, who is working for Oracle in Los Angeles, opted to stay on the West Coast and spend the holiday with his boyfriend Joey’s family in Novato, CA. Then they were off to Sonoma for a weekend of wine tasting. Tough duty. Chris and I hosted Pierre, Pierre’s girlfriend April (celebrating their 3rd Anniversary!) and Chanler. It was a lovely weekend that looked and felt a bit more like Christmas due to 3 days of snow.

img_8062img_8067img_8121img_8117img_8132img_8155img_8058img_8109img_8108We had rather a cozy…and crazy meal. All was on schedule, including advance sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce, when our power went out — just as I placed the stuffing into the oven. Fast forward two hours later…after building a huge bonfire and celebrating our achievement, we were feeling no pain but managed to get everything going again. Luckily we had decided to try a smoked turkey from one of our fave JC places, Hamilton Pork. So no cooking there, just re-heating. Brussel sprouts, Parker House Rolls from Keene’s own Cedar Run, and gravy, and we were good to go.

I am so very thankful for all the love and wonderful people who fill my life. From family to friends to four-legged critters, they make everything more fun, more surprising, more meaningful than I ever could have imagined.

I hope you had a lovely holiday too! MP

Hand-blocked linen napkins from Sugar House Creamery Farm Store. Made by Margo’s Mother!

All photos by MP and Chris Allegaert.

[Recipes to follow in an upcoming post! Think about for next Thanksgiving!!]


fullsizerenderMountain Men (Left to right: Pierre (oldest), Chanler (youngest), Spencer (middle).

img_6529With The Man, Hubs, Chris. Go Rangers!

img_4077And let’s not forget…David Bowie.

0 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. How absolutely heart-warmingly ENJOYABLE, MP!
    The beauty of all the details in your magnificent, low-keyed country palace, the great faces, the prose … easy-breezy, family-next-door holiday fun! (minus power outage :/
    I felt like I was there!
    Your wonderful home life is well-deserved.
    Thank you for including us in your joy-spreading!!!
    PS: I swear … Chris and Bowie look more and more alike all the time!!! 2 handsome dudes! 🙂

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