DIY: Stickers for Grown-ups

IMG_0438I bought this Gucci bag (with the real deal bamboo handle) in 1994 when I was a Copy Director for Elizabeth Arden. I was a 30-something full-time-commuting-working Mom of two with #3 on the way. I was proud of my ability to multi-task (hah!) and earn some serious cash but also quite often overwhelmed and exhausted and putting myself last.

So one day at lunchtime I marched over to the Gucci flagship store on Fifth Avenue and, well, said “F@!* this, I deserve this.” Ummm…not out loud mind you, but you know what I mean. I’ll confess that the splurge kind of scared me but not enough to say no. And I truly felt like a million bucks every time I walked off to the NJ Transit train to start my day — armed and dangerous with a designer bag. Then a year or two later trends changed, life changed and this bag went into the closet. Pretty much until today.

I was actually inspired by what Gucci is doing this season with their bags and shoes. I had the bag, I had the stickers. So…


IMG_0438Map out placement. This took a bit of time because the bag naturally folds over. I also wanted to leave room for some possible additions…

IMG_0446Good to go!

I know this may be fashion sacrilege for some, but it was this or bye bye for this bag. Now I feel like we’re both hitting the streets with a new perspective. And that makes me smile.

Anya Hindmarch has a whole Sticker Shop for bags. (My rainbow heart and star). Check it out! And here’s one of her amazing bags for inspiration to try your own.

All photos by MP & Chris Allegaert


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