Kinder, Cleaner Beauty

OK, so I’m not the most makeup-y person, but I do wear it every day. Not much, because I think as we get older, the less makeup the better. That’s what works for me. But beyond that, it’s what’s in our makeup and it’s how it’s made. Certain ingredients that we’ve all taken for granted are pretty darn scary when you really think about it. And I for one don’t want anything to do with products that are needlessly and cruelly tested on animals. So I’m sharing a little test I did this past weekend. See what you think!

These are the kinder, cleaner makeup options I swapped out for my tried-and-true go-tos. Truth be told, I did not see one difference in look, touch, performance. In fact, I did a test to truly compare them side-by-side which you’ll see at the end of this post. So about these products…

Juice Beauty: (Last Looks Blush, Lengthening Mascara) Love her (I do!) or hate her, but this brand is a favorite of Gwyneth Paltrow. So favorite she has actually designed a makeup collection with them. Juice Beauty was masterminded by a California team passionate about healthy lifestyles and organic products backed by powerful science. Its entrepreneur founder, Karen Behnke, developed a keen interest in personal care products after becoming pregnant with her first child at age 40. (Sound familiar?!?) She was astounded to find that although your skin absorbs over 60% what is placed on  it, there were few available products that married organic and natural formulations with a luxurious, high-performance experience. Juice Beauty does! I particularly love their mascara. It is 86% organic and not formulated with the ickies most other mascaras are, including coal tar dye — with risks that include severe allergic reaction, asthma attacks, headaches, nausea, fatigue, loss of concentration and nervousness. It’s also linked to an increased risk of Hodgkin’s Disease, non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, and multiple myeloma. Yikes! These chemicals are absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the tiny pores around your eyes. I say… try this mascara! You will not miss the one you are currently using.

Beauty Counter: (Tint Skin, Touchup Skin Concealer, Color Pinch Cream BlusherOK, did you know that the USA has not passed a major federal law to regulate the safety of ingredients used in personal care (women’s!) products since….drum roll…1938! (WTF!) Over the past two decades, the European Union has banned more than 1300 chemicals in the formulation of personal care products…but not our country. Beauty Counter has gone beyond that and banned the use of more than 1500 questionable or harmful ingredients. They are lobbying Washington to do more and do it now. But back to their products which really deliver on a luxurious, lasting experience. And their packaging is really tip top. (Used Color Pinch on Lips!)

Hourglass: (Mineral Veil Primer, Arch Brow Sculpting PencilHourglass says they exist at the intersection of  science, beauty and luxury. They are an almost exclusively vegan brand. Their primer goes beyond traditional formulations, even concealing rosacea. For brows, the formula combines powder, pencil and wax to create the look of naturally fuller, defined brows. And wow does it! Love!!

So…I think I’m going over to the kinder, cleaner side. Why not? I can only imagine the chemicals my skin has absorbed over decades of wearing makeup. All basically invented by men. Hmmmm….

But let’s end on a positive note. I won’t diss my day-to-day makeup products. They perform. But are they good for me? Or you? It’s never too late! There are lots of kinder, cleaner brands out there. You can find them at Target or your favorite department store. But best of all  you can find them directly online — when it works for you. That’s a win win in my book.

Please let me know what you think, what you try!

So…I super hate Selfies…and my wrinkles. But this is me with half my face in old school makeup and the other half in kinder, cleaner makeup. Can you guess which is which? OK…my right is cleaner, kinder. I didn’t do any special blending. To me, it’s amazing how seamless the comparison is. Which means you don’t think you have to sacrifice finish and performance for safer beauty. Sounds good to me.

Photos by MP Allegaert

All About Autumn

It’s finally Fall y’all, and that means colors like merlot (or burgundy or pinot) and mustard (um…don’t have a snappy variation on that) are on the fashion menu. And I think they are all deliciously beautiful. This look mixes ruffles high and low, not to mention my attempt at “ruffling” my hair. But there you go, sometimes you just have to go for it!

Get Away with Gingham

Hope you had a great weekend! We are having the most amazing weather, and we got to enjoy it even more up at our Adirondack cabin. As you can see, it was seriously picture perfect up there. We always try to go to the Sugar House Creamery and stock up on milk, cheese, eggs and whatever looks good from the Farmer’s Market. New item…pumpkin spice scones! Crazy delicious!! We also had a weekend guest who is a dear friend but also a most talented Producer/Director. I was lucky to have her volunteer to be the photog for this post. BTW, SHC has the cutest Airbnb if you want to come up here and see just how special North Country living is.

Going on the Llama!

Is it crazy to build your whole look around a pair of shoes? Not if it’s Shoesday Tuesday! When it came to these llama-detailed velvet sneaks, it was love at first sight for me. But not buy at first sight. I hemmed and hawed for a couple of weeks, then panicked they would sell out. So…a few secs on my Mac, and they were mine. And now we’re together forever, wherever they take me! I mean seriously…are they not the cutest.

Paisley, Please!

Sure everyone is Falling for florals, but paisley is having a moment, too. Maybe it’s because I’m a child of the 60s, but paisley is one of my favorite patterns. Especially in autumnal tones like the brown, rust and teal of this dress from the Olivia Palermo Collection for Banana Republic. If ever there was a style icon to emulate, Olivia is it! No matter your age!! And if you agree, run, don’t walk to the BR website and check out this must-have, sure-to-sell-out capsule collection!!! And how about these velvet mules? I’m totally crushing on them.

Doubling Down on Denim

Whether you embrace the “Canadian Tuxedo” or it’s the nadir of style as far as you’re concerned, it is having a fashion moment. On the runways. And on the streets. I love both this jean jacket and these jeans, so I decided to style my way out of any doubt. The key to success with a Double Denim look is mixing the washes of your two denim pieces. I usually gravitate to darker washes in my jeans, especially given that Fall is here. Darker washes are also more flattering and slimming to every body type.

Santa Fe Stroll

While I would have loved to have been strolling the streets of NYC for Fashion Week (next year?!?), I was in Santa Fe for a “Girls Getaway.” Did we eat too much? Yes! Shop too much? Some of us! Drink too much? I’ll never tell! Laugh too much? Not possible! I only packed one dress, this one, because most of the restaurants are on the casual side. But I was super excited to wear it for the first time. And now that I’m back home I plan to wear this lovely lacy dress at least a few more times in the weeks ahead, layering a leather jacket or bomber or cardigan over it as needed. So you may be seeing this dress again!


Yesterday Life’s a Spritz officially turned 1 year old. When friends and strangers find out I’m (cough, for real) a Blogger, often the first question they ask is “How are you monetizing it?” The answer for now is…I’m not. I’m blogging because I want to. It’s creative. Fun. Time-consuming. Challenging. Gratifying. Good for my brain. And my soul. My 91-year-old Dad died last August. He spent his working years first in Advertising Sales, then as a Lawyer. But he also spent those years as a frustrated writer, who dreamed of penning the next great American novel. But never did. When I lost him, my inner voice asked me “What are you waiting for?” It was time to take that leap. And to quote Nike, just do it!

I’ve been an Advertising Copywriter for almost 30 years and a Creative Director for over 14 of those. I’ve worked on campaigns for some of the biggest and best beauty/fashion/luxury brands. I think the fact that I’m still doing it in a tough, male-dominated, ageist business attests to the fact that I can do it. And do it well. But that’s sleuthing out and shaping someone else’s voice. While I don’t have my Dad’s lofty expectations, I do believe that as a soon-to-be-60-year-old woman (and wife, mom, sister, friend, professional) I definitely have a few things to say. And share. On fashion, design, health, travel, and yes, life. And thankfully you all seem to agree! That is the icing on this creative cupcake for sure!!

The Art of Black and White

IMG_3775There’s no other combination that’s cleaner, chicer, more graphic than black and white. However you put it together, it just works. You can dress it up, dress it down. You could probably wear black and white every day of the week and never wear it the same way twice. (Hmmm…possible future blog post?)

As for Art? Black and white makes a powerful statement there too. Yes, the messaging in this streetwise piece is pretty heavy, but I’m glad its creator found his voice.

Hippie Chic

IMG_3489It’s true. You can take the Girl out of Greenwich Village, but you can’t take Greenwich Village out of the Girl. While I don’t think growing up across the street from Washington Square Park in the 60s makes my childhood more meaningful than others, it might just make it a bit more unique. As in home movies of my sisters and me scampering around hippies at a Be-In. Or protesting girls not having sports teams in elementary school. Babysitting money went far in those days, as we wandered the neighborhood in search of posters, beads, candles and pizza. We even learned how to order and tip like grown-ups at the crepe shops and coffee bars. And yes, the perfect OOTD was a must, starting with your jeans. So this a long lead-up to saying this look brought back a lot of memories, while feeling very fun and now. And very me.