Go Fourth and Be You

Flags, fireworks, frankfurters…however you celebrate, the 4th of July is America’s quintessential summer holiday. And let’s face it, any combination of red, white and blue is one color combo that never gets old. So if you’re looking for a little inspo on how to refresh your summer wardrobe (and maybe a bit of deeper thinking), this post is for you.

Like most of my outfits these days, this look is a combination of shopping my closet and a new piece or two. I have committed to making 2019 a year of paring down and not binging on things I really, truly do not need. For this (hopefully) reformed shopaholic, the struggle is real. But so are the savings!

But back to this outfit. I’m going to start at the top with this limited edition, BooneArtLife flag cap. I snagged two from the 12 unit run. Each is numbered and signed by Jersey City artist, Anthony E.Boone. And they glow in the dark, too! I gave #5 to my son Spencer (Feb 5th is his birthday). I’m keeping “lucky” #7 for myself. Whether you’re a JC local or not, you must check out Anthony’s amazing art. We are lucky to know this über talented (and nice!) man, even luckier to call one of his pieces our own.

My “statement” tee is a shout-out to my sorta, kinda new hometown. I love its vintage vibe. It’s from Morlees, a family-owned store that sells a great selection of sports-centric apparel, footwear and bags for men, women and kids. Any time I can shop local, I do!

These high-rise, wide-leg, blue mini stripe pants are styled in a summer-ready blend of luxe linen and soft, breathable cotton with just a touch of stretch. You can wear the removable belt knotted and long, tied in a bow like I did here, or swap in a red, white or blue belt of your own. Cognac leather would add a fresh twist, too. BTW, they are so comfortable and helped me keep my cool while shooting this post in 90+ temps.

I finished off this look with a vintage colorblock bag (in mint condition!) that I scored for $35 in my favorite-now-closed Adirondack consignment shop. (Insert sad face emoji here.)

When it comes to shoes, I simply cannot resist Valentino Rockstuds. (From heels to sandals to sneakers, you’ve seen some of my collection here, here, here and here.) As long as I’m a working writer, they are the splurge I never regret or feel guilty about. And if you take proper care of them, they will look like new for as long as you can rock them. This redhot red pair is at least three years old…and counting.

My colorful stretch bracelets have already been featured here and here, but they are simply too versatile and fun not to wear as often as I can — especially since I bought a rainbow’s worth of them.

Hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to get a bit serious before I sign off. As women we’ve mostly been taught to dread “the signs of aging.” And to fight them like hell. Grey hair, wrinkles, age spots, loss of elasticity, expanding waistlines, creaky joints. Not to mention the challenging experience of menopause and the serious health concerns of arthritis, osteoperosis, and more.

So on this Independence Day, I’ve decided to celebrate the wisdom, confidence and freedom that comes with age. The power of knowing, accepting and loving yourself, flaws (hey…we earned them!) and all. The power that comes from knowing when to give a damn, and when not to.

This 4th of July, let’s Go Fourth and be true to whoever we are, wherever we are, whatever age we are.

Hat: (BooneArtLife) Also like this, this and this.

Tee: (Morlees, Jersey City) Similar cheeky vintage chic vibe here, here and here.

Pants: (Banana Republic, in S/R/Long. I am 5′ 8″ and wearing a Regular 4. Right now, get an extra 10% off everything on the BR site, plus 40% off women’s regular-priced styles! All of which brings these in at under $60!!)

Bag: (vintage) Love the colorblock chic of this, this and this.

Shoes: (Valentino, old) Similar style here (steeply discounted if you join Gilt.com!) and more affordable here (in adobe or black).

Bracelets: (Cristina V)

Photos by Kristin Moore-Gantz. Street Art by @greetingstour.

8 thoughts on “Go Fourth and Be You

    1. Thank you so much, Khloe! I am pretty much obsessed with Rockstuds of any kind. And my pre-owned Rolex was a gift from my husband 28 years ago. Think that makes it about 40 years old! xoxomp

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