A Sunshine State of Mind

There’s no better time than summer to spice up your personal style — with brighter colors, bolder patterns, and whimsical details. While you can always slip into your favorite denim shorts and tee when running weekend errands, adding a few statement pieces to your warm-weather wardrobe can help create that fashion magic you might have been missing.

Orange Slice

Orange is bold, energetic, and sometimes controversial. It’s an attention-grabbing color that tends to stand out. In Southeast Asia Buddhist monks wear orange to symbolize simplicity and spiritualism. Wearing orange makes me feel happy and uplifted. Paired with pink, its edge is definitely softened. I love it, especially in summer.

Citrus & Sparkle

I know my last post was an ode to the season-less style of black and minimalist dressing. Well, there’s nothing more minimalist than a one-and-done dress. But this time of year, I often surprise myself by gravitating to colors that are bolder and brighter then what I’d typically wear. And no matter what color I’m building my look around, I’ll never say no to stepping out with a little sparkle.