Paradise City

If you’re of a certain age and you grew up in a city like I did (NYC in my case), then you know that if you had roof access, you had “tar beach” access. “Tar” comes from the tar paper most roofs were finished with, as hot as it sounds. And really nothing like a “beach,” except for the sun. And hopefully a passing breeze every now and then. But it was also a little slice of urban paradise when you didn’t have a local pool or beach. So these pics, inspired by this colorful sundress, are a nod to those times gone by. But not forgotten!

Urban Mermaid

If you live in a city, one of the biggest summertime perks is a pool. Especially this summer! So once DVORA gave us permission to shoot this post at their La Playa, we were there. Both the lifeguard Keanu and my photog Kristin tried to convince me to jump into the pool in this dress (!!!), but this urban mermaid preferred to play it cool…and dry.

Citrus & Sparkle

I know my last post was an ode to the season-less style of black and minimalist dressing. Well, there’s nothing more minimalist than a one-and-done dress. But this time of year, I often surprise myself by gravitating to colors that are bolder and brighter then what I’d typically wear. And no matter what color I’m building my look around, I’ll never say no to stepping out with a little sparkle.