On Cloud Nine

What a difference a year makes. While we still have many people to get vaccinated, the darkest clouds of COVID have lifted, and we can once again go out into our new world. Sure, life is going to be different — we’ll have to be smarter and safer, but we can let some of that overwhelming fear fall away and just have fun. Like shooting this post without wearing a mask. In addition to featuring this amazing Cloud Dress, I could show off my new and improved Invisalign smile (more to come on that). And share spur-of-the-moment inspiration and some laughs with Kristin, my super talented photographer/art director. Talk about being on Cloud Nine!

Covid Catwalk

Do you know why they call it “The Catwalk?” The term is derived from the way models walk, which is similar to a cat. Meow, if you say so. It’s also the platform these show-stopping women (and men) walk on. In my case, I’m no professional, and my elevated platform was a cement walkway in one of the grittier corners of my neighborhood. But when a cat’s gotta walk, a cat’s gotta walk!


First there was Normcore, then Cottagecore, and now my vote is for Cozycore. A few years back, the unisex fashion trend of Normcore made its “dressing neutrally” attitude known through wardrobe staples like jeans, sneakers, hoodies and other casualwear items. I’m sure you, like me, already have plenty of these pieces in your closet. And are possibly overdosing on them these days. Next, the aspirational nostalgia of Cottagecore, with its feminine simplicity and crafty chic, provided an artisanal escape from the fashion hustle. 

Today, as we continue our COVID-induced cocooning, for me all things cozy take on new meaning. And if Cozycore can make my everyday look (and yours!) a little bit more special, that’s a win. 

Favorites for a Reason

I don’t know about you, but I sat out Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Not Giving Tuesday and that made me feel fabulous! What else makes me feel fab? An outfit of timeless classics shopped straight from my closet. You probably have your own version of these pieces waiting for you to wear them. And if not, I have a few suggestions you might want to check out.

Pastel Patrol

Forget the “fashion rule” that says pastels are only for Summer. There’s no easier or better way to lighten your Fall/Winter wardrobe — or your mood — than by adding a dash of these delicate hues. My suggestion? Every now and then switch up the deeper hues that most of us will reach for in the months ahead with a pale blue, pink or lavender. These pretty colors add a nice contrast when paired with always reliable black, too.

Colorful Cocoon

This weekend, we’re back up at our Adirondack cabin, which has been our literal cocoon throughout the past 9 months…and counting. I know we are very lucky to have it and am very thankful for that. But we still have to venture back to “real life” every week (at least for now), as my husband has a law firm to run and I a semblance of a career as a freelance advertising writer. So sometimes, my cocoon has to shift into something else. Like this colorful, chunky knit Hope Macaulay sweater I treated myself to in a moment of feeling pretty down about the state of the world. And I’m so happy I did!

Best Dressed for under $4o!

It’s been a hot minute, ahem many months, since my last post. Like everyone on the globe, I’ve been living through the alternate world that is Corona Virus. And for me, that meant trying to stay safe, stay hopeful. Blogging as usual was just not do-able for me. Lots happened on a personal level, but more on that, too. Now I’m finally feeling that it’s OK to embrace some of life’s lighter activities. A little shopping might not be so bad and maybe even pretty darn therapeutic. Especially when you score a #targetstyle dress like this for under $40. It’s been pure fashion fun to think about all the ways I’ll wear it, if not the all places it will go…someday.

How does my garden grow?

With wildflowers in all their colorful and unruly glory! Amidst the ongoing Coronavirus Crisis, it hasn’t been lost on me that I am blessed to have this idyllic hideaway to escape to. Chris and I have stayed healthy thus far, even going back and forth between our cabin and our Jersey City apartment, and I really (really!) don’t want to get sick now. That’s why I’ve been spending most of my time up in the Adirondacks, where it’s wild and beautiful and much easier to practice social distancing while still gathering with friends who are doing the same. Not to mention hiking on trails and walking in the woods or on quiet roads without crowds of people. I carry my mask along and wear it as soon as I approach anyone else. I can breathe up here. And I can smell the flowers!